Android Apps for Nexus 7


When apple launched iPad mini they said that the Nexus 7  lacks good applications for tablets , Android apps are not good with devices with big screen as compared to the apps for iPads.  Nexus 7 the best affordable tablet in the market has some really good apps to kill your time ,highly optimized with large screen. Whether you are a web surfer or you like to read books, play some really good hardcore action games,watching videos on big screen and doing  productive work. Nexus 7 is highly optimized for all these types of tasks and many more. I am sharing some really good Android apps for Nexus 7, Do check them.


Google Chrome

According to reports then access to through smart phones and tablet is increasing, So for you using the best available from is a good choice. On your Nexus 7 Chrome is the default browser it is as perfect as on your pc .Chrome is highly efficient and it automatically syncs your book marks , history & from your computer to tablet.You can even transfer your opened tabs from computer to you Nexus 7 tablet.But if you are a Firefox user you can have a similar type of feature and Firefox browser for android is also a good option.



Although your Nexus 7 comes with preloaded Google Play Books , where you can purchase book and read them on widescreen. Amazon kindle application is even more good to read books on your Nexus 7. It is good if you have Amazon kindle account , download books of your choice and you can set the background colours. Nexus 7 has more pixel per inch than any other 7 inch tablet in the market even the iPad mini which offers the best experience for reading making the words more clear and  sharp. The size of Nexus 7 is same as normal book you can easily grab it and read your favourite stuff .Kindle if one the best Android Apps for Nexus 7.



Tasks doesn’t come with your Nexus 7 tablet ,It is a paid app available on Google Play for only $1.06 . The app has a simple two plane design .The apps is good at reminding you Due dates, you can use multiple Google accounts , comes with light and dark two themes and fully integrated with Nexus 7 . The app is best for remembering tasks.



Pinterest the fast growing social media , conveying message through images . Pinterest application for Nexus 7 is amazing , using pinterest on 7 inch wide screen is great experience you can enjoy your time more on your Nexus 7 using pinterest than on on web . The android application is super fast . you can easily manage your boards ,like ,upload and repin pins . If you are not using pinterest on your Nexus  7 do check it now.


Google Maps and Other Map apps

Maps are one of the essentials things on any device. And browsing maps on the large screen is good than on the little smart phones.Google maps are the best maps in the market. On Nexus 7 the maps are integrated GPS ability to you can download maps and use them offline .I always check my Google maps on my Nexus 7 before going to a new place , It saves alot of time and great convenience.



If you like reading online different articles are news stuff than pocket is made for you, Simply install pocket extension on your web browser on your computer and simply click the pocket button when you come across a page that you want to read later. It will automatically install pocket on your Nexus 7 tablet and whenever you are in mode of reading those pages , simply open your pocket and you will view the list of pages with images. Read and relax Pocket is an amazing app and one of the essential apps on my list. One of the Best Android Apps for Nexus 7.



Mint is the best free way to manage your money. You can use mint to track your finances efficiently . You will love its android app and On Nexus 7 it takes full advantage of big screen and displays charts and graphs so you can easily track your expenses .Works perfect on Nexus 7.


Netflix and Hulu Plus

Netflix and Hulu Plus are two great video streaming services , and they work excellent on the Nexus 7. Both the apps take full advantage of the 7 inch high resolution,HD display, wide screen and the long life battery producing excellent results. Both the apps have Nexus 7 optimized interference making them as a essential app.


TuneIn Radio 

TuneIn is a free way to listen to music, sports and news from every corner of the earth. You can get  70,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs on your Nexus 7 tablet. It’s indeed a most convenient and great way of listening online radios and FM channels.You can searching for you local and international FM radio channels and you can listen them in background after you leave the app.Download it now if you are missing this amazing application.



Evernote is one the best productive apps in Android market. On Nexus 7  the app uses several panes making the app more user friendly and you can make and view notes easily. Remember everything across your all devices. One of the 10 essential Android apps and Top of the list of my Android apps for nexus 7 .


NVIDIA Tegra Zone 

Nvidia Tegra Zone works with only Tegra powered android devices and works on Nexus 7 .Finding the best games for you Nexus 7 got easier with Tegra app. Find unique paid android games for Android that have stunning graphics and buttery game play. Making you Tegra powered nexus 7 awesome.


Do check all the above Android Apps for Nexus 7 and leave your feedback in the comment box below so we know what you want to hear from us.



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