CNG Shuts Down In Punjab For 3 Months

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Company Limited has announced to shut down the CNG Stations for next three months from today In Pakistan’s largest Province Punjab due to shortage of Gas in the country. The Shutdown will continue till February according to a report of Geo News.


as the winter has arrived the gas consumption has increased in homes due to which decision of gas supply to CNG Stations has been taken according to General Manager of  SNGPL Sales Ashraf. Due to this shut down the middle class will be effected the most. People who use public transport will also be effected by it.

New Pakistani Government claims that It is working hard to end Energy crises in Pakistan and for this purpose different projects are underway. Only time will tell If This Government will be able to solve the energy crises in coming years or public will continue to face shut downs of Gas and Electricity.


  1. Haseeb Ahmad Ayazi says

    Petroleum Distributors are on strike in my district(Rahim Yar Khan) due to prices. No College No Study , Sitting Home :(

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