Nokia X, X+ and XL Announced – Price and Specs Overview

Nokia-Droids :

This past Monday, at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, a weird thing happened, for which, Nokia loyal fans, critics and analysts were carving for at least four years, An android phone manufactured by what was once a global leader in cell-phone manufacturing .

And now , let’s have a time to meet the product of this partnership, Well, there are three , Nokia X , X+ and XL. One thing you should remember that even all of three are Android-Open-Source certified , They doesn’t have trademark services of an android device i.e. Google Maps, Chrome, Play Store, Google Now to name a few. Instead, they have a heavily customized version of Android(like one , that is , in the Amazon Kindle fire Devices) That is backed by Microsoft and Nokia’s own services , like Nokia Here Maps and Nokia Store . One most annoying fact is that , these phone wouldn’t feature Play Store, but one can , side-load usual android (.apk) file and install it .In the later case , at least 80 % of total android apps are compatible for these phones .
So now , without any weight, lets get down with each of these “Droids”.


nokia x phone

First comes , the Nokia X , smallest and probably sibling of the three . This phone is for a user , that is budget-conscious and probably buying his first Smartphone .

It supports a 4-inch screen LCD capacitive touch-screen , with the Nokia’s trademark color scheme . it has screen-resolution of 480 * 800 pixel , thus a pixel density of 233 ppi , which is not quite bad ,considering the entry- level class of this phone . Its memory storage is 4 GB , though it can be expanded by using external micro-SD card .

It got a 1 GHZ dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 8225 chipset and 512 MB RAM as its brain and heart respectively .
A typical android user will , surely criticize the such “less” amount of RAM , but one thing a user must remember that it all depends on the OS , not on the capacity of Chipset and RAM . It packs a 1500 mAh battery .

Nokia X + :


x plusNext on the list is , Nokia X +. As the name suggests , its one step ahead of nokia X . Its has all the specs mentioned above except ,it has a RAM of 768 MB. Its battery is good for 10.5 hours of 3G talk-time , music playback is 26 hours and , video playback of 8.4 hours , it has a maximum stand-by time up to 17 days .

Nokia XL :


nokia xl phone

The most attractive of all three and my personal favorite is Nokia XL . It has all the capabilities to be serious contender for a first-buyer. The most interesting aspect of this phone is its screen size , Which is a whopping 5 inch , compare to its price tag.

Interface :

All the phones of X –family has the interface which is pretty much similar to Lumia Series. With the live tiles of WP8 throughout the way . A little swipe to the right side of the screen reveals the list of all the installed apps . another swipe in the same direction gets you to the fast Lane . In case , you don’t know about it , it’s a common feature in Nokia Asha series and is quite popular.

Features :

One month of Skype’s premium services for free with the buying of any of the current phone of X – series.
Other feature is that many apps are pre-installed like MixRadio for music , email , access to cloud storage with 10 GB of free OneDrive space.

Other pre-installed apps are, Facebook, Twitter , Vine , BBM and ever-popular Plants-vs-Zombies .
You can also download apps from third-party store partners like the Russian Yandex Store and Slideme.


As far as price of all these smartphones is concerned , Nokia X is now available for $122 , which is roughly equal to 90 euro . Nokia X+ and XL , both will be available in 2nd quarter for $136 (100 euro)and $150(110 euro) respectively. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little overview of these three Nokia droids.

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