Nokia X, X+ and XL Announced – Price and Specs Overview

nokia xl phone

Nokia-Droids :

This past Monday, at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, a weird thing happened, for which, Nokia loyal fans, critics and analysts were carving for at least four years, An android phone manufactured by what was once a global leader in cell-phone manufacturing .

And now , let’s have a time to meet the product of this partnership, Well, there are three , Nokia X , X+ and XL. One thing you should remember that even all of three are Android-Open-Source certified , They doesn’t have trademark services of an android device i.e. Google Maps, Chrome, Play Store, Google Now to name a few. Instead, they have a heavily customized version of Android(like one , that is , in the Amazon Kindle fire Devices) That is backed by Microsoft and Nokia’s own services , like Nokia Here Maps and Nokia Store . One most annoying fact is that , these phone wouldn’t feature Play Store, but one can , side-load usual android (.apk) file and install it .In the later case , at least 80 % of total android apps are compatible for these phones .
So now , without any weight, lets get down with each of these “Droids”.


nokia x phone

First comes , the Nokia X , smallest and probably sibling of the three . This phone is for a user , that is budget-conscious and probably buying his first Smartphone .

It supports a 4-inch screen LCD capacitive touch-screen , with the Nokia’s trademark color scheme . it has screen-resolution of 480 * 800 pixel , thus a pixel density of 233 ppi , which is not quite bad ,considering the entry- level class of this phone . Its memory storage is 4 GB , though it can be expanded by using external micro-SD card .

It got a 1 GHZ dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 8225 chipset and 512 MB RAM as its brain and heart respectively .
A typical android user will , surely criticize the such “less” amount of RAM , but one thing a user must remember that it all depends on the OS , not on the capacity of Chipset and RAM . It packs a 1500 mAh battery .

Nokia X + :


x plusNext on the list is , Nokia X +. As the name suggests , its one step ahead of nokia X . Its has all the specs mentioned above except ,it has a RAM of 768 MB. Its battery is good for 10.5 hours of 3G talk-time , music playback is 26 hours and , video playback of 8.4 hours , it has a maximum stand-by time up to 17 days .

Nokia XL :


nokia xl phone

The most attractive of all three and my personal favorite is Nokia XL . It has all the capabilities to be serious contender for a first-buyer. The most interesting aspect of this phone is its screen size , Which is a whopping 5 inch , compare to its price tag.

Interface :

All the phones of X –family has the interface which is pretty much similar to Lumia Series. With the live tiles of WP8 throughout the way . A little swipe to the right side of the screen reveals the list of all the installed apps . another swipe in the same direction gets you to the fast Lane . In case , you don’t know about it , it’s a common feature in Nokia Asha series and is quite popular.

Features :

One month of Skype’s premium services for free with the buying of any of the current phone of X – series.
Other feature is that many apps are pre-installed like MixRadio for music , email , access to cloud storage with 10 GB of free OneDrive space.

Other pre-installed apps are, Facebook, Twitter , Vine , BBM and ever-popular Plants-vs-Zombies .
You can also download apps from third-party store partners like the Russian Yandex Store and Slideme.


As far as price of all these smartphones is concerned , Nokia X is now available for $122 , which is roughly equal to 90 euro . Nokia X+ and XL , both will be available in 2nd quarter for $136 (100 euro)and $150(110 euro) respectively. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little overview of these three Nokia droids.

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  1. And the Extract, OS is still Nokia’s but One can install the Android Apps Also with some kind of built-in Compatibility layer. RIght???

    • Nope, Whole OS is Android Just with a stocked Skin, for example the OS Android used in Samsung or HTC or Sony Phones is not in real form, Its interface are Skinned (Themed would be better word).
      But in Nokia, they Provide their own Android App store, Unlike other Android Phones Giving you Access to Google PlayStore.

    • You can use .apk files I guess and not use Play Store, Instead you can download and install apps using Nokia’s Own App Store.