Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date, Price in Pakistan – Details

Samsung-Galaxy-S-IV in Pakistan
Samsung galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy s4 Release date in Pakistan finally unveiled with Price.

The day before yesterday on March 14 at Times Square, Samsung took the wraps of its new flagship of Galaxy S Series called Galaxy S4. This new Flagship of Samsung is packed with tons of new features and an amazing display of full HD Super Amoled 1080p with 441ppi. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S4 has got a massive screen of 4.99-inch and a massive battery of 2600MAh, but it is only 7.9mm thick. In addition to all these things, the device is packed with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update.

However, the fans of Samsung around the globe are anxiously waiting to get their hands on this awesome creation done by Samsung. In order to do that they will need to wait until the end of April because Samsung will be releasing Galaxy S IV in several countries by the end of April at an unknown price. The arrival of Samsung Galaxy S4 in several countries seems to be limited by the end of April because the day Samsung announced Galaxy S4, it was launched in Dubai at a price of 2,500AED.

Following the release of Galaxy S4 in U.A.E, our reliable sources have tipped us that Galaxy S4 will be landing in Pakistan on March 17 with an introductory price of 125,000 PKR (1,274 USD). Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available in three different sized of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Initially the sizes in which Galaxy S4 would be available will be 16GB and rarely 32GB. The price of 32GB would be different from the basic model and the price of 64GB would be different from 32GB. As the capacity increases, the price also increases. Price and capacity are directly proportional to each other.

The initial release price of Galaxy S4 would be the same as of the iPhone 5 when it was released in Pakistan. However, we are not putting our faith in the told price of 125,000 PKR (1,274 USD) because prices of Galaxy S4 would vary from location to location. Some retailers across the country will start to take pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 at this price and some might be selling below this price or above this price. According to us, the price of Galaxy S4 would vary from 90,000 PKR (917 USD) to 130,000 PKR (1,325 USD) for the 16GB model because Galaxy S4 will sell like a hot cake for few months on these rates and the prices will see a downfall soon after a month or two.

Therefore, we don’t recommend any one to buy Galaxy S4 upon its arrival because the prices will be skyrocketing. We would suggest waiting for a month or two to get your hands on the Galaxy S4.

Incase you are planning to buy Galaxy S4 because of its features, then you should wait for the update of Android 4.2.2 because Samsung Galaxy S3 will be getting the same features with the software update of Android 4.2.2. P.S note that no hardware features will be added, indeed software features like Airview and others will be added to Galaxy S3 in the update.


The release date has slipped to May 3 for Samsung Galaxy S4 release in Pakistan.

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  1. This is nonsense article the galaxy s4 is not yet released in dubai as im living here even its price is notannounced it was launched in newyork on 17th march but its still not avaible for sale anywhere in the world. By launching in new york it meansit was unveiled and showed how it would look andabout its specs.
    The writer of this article needs to work on his facts !!!

  2. Guyz.

    If i buy Galaxy S4 from USA. Kindly tell me will it be unlock in Pakistan and can i use that or it will be locked.? and i have to open the country code.