4 Things that Cause Blogging Failure

Blogging may seem to be an easy business to some or even shortcut to success to many, but that’s not true. Blogging is a business and trust me when I tell you, it is as much hard to be popular in this business as any other. Blogging is not as easy as many people believe and this is the basic reason why such a huge number of people are blogging quitters.


Every time I hear about such guys who quit, I scream with anger because I could not stop those guys. Today I have finally decided to bring that to an end and tell people exactly how and what can fail them in pursuing their dreams to become a pro blogger.

1. Believing in Mythologies:

If you just stepped in blogosphere after hearing some myths about how someone told you that he made thousands of dollars in one night or whatever like that. Then, your chances to succeed are already pretty thin. This is because it’s not what blogging is about and how blogging makes you money. Making money blogging is a slow process and there are no shortcuts whatsoever in achieving the level called “pro blogger”.

2. Working with Lust and Not Love:

This not only applies to blogging, but to every job and business in the world. If you only work for lust of money, fame or respect, you won’t get that any way. This is because blogging is not about what you want to do, but what you actually do. Hence, if you are blogging for some purpose other than serving humanity and increasing your skills and knowledge, you can face trouble any time.

3. Losing Your Heart on Failures:

Blogging is not a kid’s game anymore. There are ups and downs before finally making it to somewhere. You get rejected, told you are not good enough, you don’t have what it takes to be and so on. If you lose your heart and burst into tears on such small things, then you need to grow up and face these challenges like a man. This is because this all is part of blogging and the troubles of blogging. We the bloggers, face many new problems every other day. We cannot afford to lose our heart on seeing the problems and instead we should work on them and through them away.

4. Not Willing to Learn:

There is never and I do mean never a point in blogging where you can say that you have mastered everything. No matter how high you go, how popular you become, how talented you are, you still cannot stop to learn. This is because if you do, you will be taken over by many others. This is exactly what our human life is. You just cannot stop. And, those who stop to learn, never ever succeed. They fail just like thousands failed before and get their seat on the side of those who think blogging is a waste of time.

In the end, I would like to say that I am not trying to give you any kind of boring lecture or something like that. It is just knowledge for you from bottom of my heart so I can save you from falling in the dark side, which is filled to the top with losers.


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