5 Biggest Mosques of the World

Masjid is most sacred place on the earth. Masjids are the place where all the Muslims of the world get together to say their prayers five times in a day. Muslims also called masjid The House Of Allah. There are millions of mosques on the earth which are different in size and designs but all the mosques are used for the same purpose and that praying our creator. Here i am sharing five largest mosques of the world.

1. Masjid Al-Haram

Masjid Al-Haram - The Biggest Mosque in the world

Al-Masjid Al-Haram is the largest mosque of the universe.T his is situated in Mecca, city of Saudi Arabia. This is the place where Muslims from all over the world gathered to perform Hajj. According to the Holy book Quran this is the first masjid made by humans on earth crust. Hazrat IBRAHIM and his son Hazrat ISMAIL laid the foundation of Masjid Al-Haram. Today after countless changes this masjid has become the largest masjid of the world. The capacity of Al-Masjid Al-Haram is about  900000 worshipers at a time.The area of this masjid is about 380056m2. Al-Masjid Al-Haram has 9 minarets and height of each minaret is about 295 feet.

2. Masjid al-Nabawī

5 Biggest Mosques of the World - Masjid Al Nabwi

 Masjid al-Nabawī is the second largest mosque of the world. This masjid is present in Madina,city of Saudi Arabia. This is the place where the graves of Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) , Hazrat Abu Bakar(RA) And Hazrat Umar (RA) are present. Masjid al-Nabawī  has capacity of 700000 worshipers at a time. This is not only a mosque but also a spiritual university  for Muslims. The one of most noticeable feature is its green tomb which was actually the house of Hazrat Ayesha(RA). The area of Masjid al-Nabawī is about 400000 m sq.

3. Imam Reza Mosque

The third largest mosque of the world is named as Imam Reza Mosque. This is present in Mashhad the city of Iran. The area of this mosque is about 268000 m sq. The mosque has a capacity of about lac people. Imam Reza Mosque is not only the mosque but also a big art gallery. Every year about 4 seminars are conducted in Imam Reza Mosque. On these seminars people from all over the world get together.

Imam Reza Shrine


4. Istiqlal Mosque

Istiqlal Mosque is the fourth largest mosque of the world with an area of 95000 m sq. this mosque is present in Jakarta the city of Indonesia.This is the largest mosque  of the Southeast Asia. This mosque was built in the honor of freedom of the country and also named as the national mosque of Indonesia so its was named Istiqlal which mean freedom.


Istiqlal Mosque

5. Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is the fifth largest mosque of the world. The other name of Hassan II Mosque is the Grande Mosquée Hassan II. This mosque is spread over an area of about 900000 m sq. The height of its minaret is about 690 feet which is the tallest minaret of the world. This mosque is present in Morocco on the bank of Atlantic ocean.The building of mosque is half on land and other half on water.The mosque was opened for public in 1993.

Hassan II Mosque


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