5 Longest Bridges of World

Bridge is a structure built to cross any obstacle which  may be water or another road. Here i am sharing list of world 5 longest bridges of the world. watching Length and design of these bridges really amazes that how they would have been built.

1) Qingdao Haiwan Bridge

It is the world longest bridge human had ever made. This bridge is present in China . This bridge was built over the water from Qingdao  to Huangdao. The length of the bridge is about 39 km. Thee construction of bridge was started in end of 2006 . It took about 4 years to complete this project .This bridge is 6 miles longer than the previous longest bridge of world. About US$ 8.6 billion was invested in this project . About 450,000 ton steel was used in construction of this bridge.



2) Lake Pontchartrain Bridge

This bridge is ranked as second largest bridge of the world. This bridge was built over the Lake Pontchartrain. This is the one of oldest bridge that exists till today.It was opened for public on 30 August, 1956. About 9500 concrete pillars are build to support this huge bridge. The length of bridge is about 38 km. This 6 lane bridge is present USA.

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3) Manchac Bridge

This is third one largest bridge over the water. This twin concrete trestle bridge is present in USA. This bridge was open for public in 1979. The length of bridge is nearly 36 km. The piles of bridge are 76m deep in the water which tells us the strength of this mighty structure. This bridge was maintained by company named LA TOD.

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4) Hangzhou Bay Bridge

This bridge connect Shanghai to Ningbo over the ocean. The total length of Hanghzou Bay Bridge is nearly about 35 km, This is dual 3 lane concrete bridge. The bridge was opened for public in 2005. This bridge shortens the distance between  Shanghai to Ningbo by 125 km. The construction of this bridge was started in 1994 and it took eleven years to complete this project.The main contractor for the project was  China Bridge Company.



5) Runyang Bridge

This bridge is build over Yangtze River. This bridge has two links which connects Zhenjiang and Yangzhou together. Its length is about 35 km. It was opened for public in 2005.


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