5 Top World’s Most Beautiful Natural Places

Our World has many beautiful places around the globe which amuses all of us. 5 of these naturally beautiful places are following.

1) Marble caves of Chile


Heaven of Marble caves is located on the border of two neighbour countries Chile and Argentina is one of the most beautiful places of our planet. In day time light reflects from water surface and then strike with marble roof which produced a pleasant blue which spread in whole cave. These caves formed by about 6500 years of waves washing up against calcium carbonate. It is the largest deposit of marble on Earth. It is said that if Heaven does exist on Earth then it is somewhere in this place.

2) Aogashima Volcano of  Japan

Aogashima Volcano

Aogashima is a small, topical volcanic and beautiful island of the Philippine Sea. It is believed that the island was formed by the overlapping remnants of four submarine calderas. In the center of island a geothermal sauna lies. In 2009 the island’s population was about 210 and it is decreasing day by day. Tourists came on helicopters and explore the beauty of nature. Aogashima is still a rarely visited island of our planet.



It is also known famously with name of pink lake. The most notable thing is its pink color which makes it very unique and attractive. The color of its water is permanent and does not alter when taken in container. Scientists have proven that the pink color of lake is due to algae which is usually the cause of coloration. the island and its pink lake has been almost untouched and hence provide visitors with one of the most amazing view of the world’s natural wonder.



Mount Everest is the nature’s one of most magnificent creation. It is the tallest mountain of the world with a peak at 8848 m above the sea level. Its peak is covered with snow almost all the time of the year. this mountain draw the attention of both tourists and mountain climbers. The first successful ascent was done by two climbers of New Zealand named Tenzig and Hillary on 29th May 1953.


Saint Lucia is a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary of the Atlantic Ocean. Part of the Lesser Antilles it is located north of the island of Saint Vincent northwest of Barbados and south of Martinique. It is selected 8 times for world travel record.

these where 5 natural beauties that i wanted to share.

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