9 Tips To Avoid Pilonidal Sinus Recurrence

Pilonidal Sinus (Pilonidal Cyst) is a disease that occurs in the natal cleft due to presence of hairs or pus in that area. In one of my previous post i discussed about the causes, signs and treatment of Pilonidal Sinus. in that post i forgotten to write how you can avoid Recurrence of Pilonidal sinus after surgery so i decided to write a separate post on this topic.

Pilonidal Sinus Recurrence

In most of cases the treatment for pilonidal sinus is surgery and there are various types of surgeries that can be performed to get rid of it. Unfortunately even after surgery the Recurrence rate of Pilonidal sinus is very high. although its a rare disease but its Recurrence rate is dangerous. almost 4 out of 10 people who suffers from pilonidal sinus once suffers from it at least once again in their lives. as the recurrence rate is so high so a person who suffered from it once should be very careful.

there are some tips that you can follow to stop the Recurrence of pilonidal sinus but even these tips will not 100% guarantee that Recurrence will not happen.

here are these tips:

1 Try to wear loose dresses and avoid tight dresses so that air can reach the natal cleft area.

2 Use a soap like Dettol or Safeguard time to time on the area.

3 Don’t sit for longer periods of time. Get up and walk after every 1,2 hours from your chair.


4 Try to keep the area dry and clean.

5 always wear clean dress.

6 Take shower regularly and also wash the natal cleft area with the water.

7 Taking bath sometimes by using dettol can also be useful.

8 Use a good chair for your office and computer use that is not too much hard.

9 if you have got lot of weight then try to reduce it.

these are 9 tips that you can follow to avoid Recurrence of pilonidal sinus. if you ever see ¬†Recurrence taking place then don’t be late to reach your Doctor to avoid more complications.


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  1. I am having same issue from last 10 years almost and had surgery once from a local hospital with a promise it will go away, but after a painful dressing for almost 30 days and bed rest it appears again to me.

    As I am reading world forums on this issue I have not found a single person who is still get rid of this problem even after having 20 times surgery. I am very much scared and very much in trouble having this issue where there is no solution come up with any where.


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