Acrylic Touch Surface (Multi Touch Table) Made by Pakistani Students

Few years ago, we came across an innovation done by Microsoft that never saw daylight and it ended up in concepts or prototypes. The name of that innovation was Microsoft Surface or Microsoft Touch Interactive Table that was to be named Microsoft Surface supposedly. Assuming the name of that Table was Surface, Microsoft did made nice Concepts and Prototypes for the Surface Table, but they were never released for public or for commercial use. There were numerous speculations that this Surface Table by Microsoft will oust Apple’s iPad from the market after the launch of it, but this speculation remained a speculation. We did come across many concepts, designs, and prototypes regarding this Surface Table and in the end; Microsoft released a Tablet called Surface to compete with its competitors.


The thing left behind by big tech giant was picked up by three students of a Private University in Pakistan called IQRA University and they worked on the same concept of Surface Table for their Final Year Project. After working on their dream to make it alive with scarce resources, they finally ended up making a successful Multi Touch Table called “Acrylic Touch Surface.” The name must be new, but the design is somewhat the same of the concept/prototypes of the Surface Table that we have seen in past. Not everything is same, only few things included in makeup might resemble with the preceding concepts of Surface Table.


The TechSpecs of this Acrylic Touch Surface are:

33” Diagonal High Defination Screen
Detect 32 touch points simultaneously
Core 2 Duo processor 
8mm thick HD acrylic screen can tolerate 2 kg of weight
Entire Windows 7 on a Touch Mode
DLP HD Projector more than 6000 hour lamp life

Water Proof As Well.


Before we proceed on further with this Acrylic Touch Surface, we would like you to see the DEMO of the Surface in Action.

Acrylic Touch Surface Video:

After seeing the demo video above, you might have got a clear idea about this innovation done by Students. The main aim of this tablet is to replace the traditional reservation system, to replace laptops used in office meeting, to allow groups to work in a team at the same time rather than working individually, and last but not least, the same functions as of Microsoft Surface Prototypes are listed to make some progress in this 21st Century.

Special Thanks to Engr Ismail Abdul Ghani (Designer of Acrylic Touch Surface) for providing us with all the details.

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