Issues for Pakistani Youth

Three major Issues for Pakistani Youth

Pakistan is among few privileged states having important geographical location, prevalence of all four weathers, tons of mineral resources, and young & energetic youth. All these ingredients are enough to make …

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Why I Like as a Platform?

Blogger or Blogspot is one of the best Blogging platform available Online which people uses to make various types of blogs for free. Blogger is owned by Google and was launched in 1999. It was created by a man named Pyra Labs and later on Google bought it in year 2003 by paying a huge amount. 

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Beautiful Islamic Quotes

As a Muslim we believe that Islam is not just a religion which contains some worships but its a way of Life which tells us how we should be spending our …

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Muslim Baby Names For Boys

One of the first thing we do when a baby is born is deciding a good name for him. There are different names according to different religions and locations in the …

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14 August Wallpapers

14th August is Independence day of Pakistan as Pakistan got Freedom on 14th August 1947 from British Rule. Pakistan and India were divided into two countries. Millions of Muslims sacrificed their …

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