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There are thousands of Muslims who learn about Islam and its teachings on the Internet, they get that information from Islamic websites having content on the specific topic. Many people also want to add their part to this online Islamic community to spread true information about Islam and Sharia-Law.

Initially Social Media is a Good thing to Spread the word of Islam but People want more Freedom to share their views and knowledge about Islam and for that they try to build websites.

Mostly making a Blog about Islam is good for mind but not for pocket because most people don’t show advertisements on their Islamic Blogs and websites, so what they do is that they create free Blogs using services like and which looks good because these services are free, but there are some restrictions too.

Mostly you need to learn coding to design the template for your Blogger blog and does not allows you to customize the site without paying them. That is why they need a platform where they could be able to customize the site easily and it should be free as well.

I want to share a good and reliable site through which you can build a Free Islamic Blog for you, This site (Voice of Muslim Ummah) is Providing free sub-domain with listed features.

  • Powered by WordPress.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • 100 MB Disk space (Can be expanded upon request).
  • 14+ Custom Themes for Islamic Blogs.
  • Custom Designed themes for your Islamic blog upon request.
  • You Can Host your Domain name for Islamic Blog for free on their Servers.
  • Having Several Built-in Plugins.
  • Online Support Ticketing system Introduced.
  • Create free Islamic Websites

Other Features:

  • VOMU.ORG is having more than 350 Quality Islamic Blogs on their Servers managed by different People.
  • Posts from all over the network are Indexed on
  • Having More than 10 Islamic websites with custom TLDs Hosted on their network, Including Triumph Supreme & Jamia Humaira.
  • An Example of Custom Designer Blog is

Try to use this service and Share your Views about this service.

5 thoughts on “Build Your Own Islamic website free of cost – Build free Islamic Blog”

  1. As salaamu alaikum
    .My name is Haseena Khan and is the site I use to base my knowledge about Islam and its principles purely for women
    Islam/non-Islam and reverts. The ethos and essence of simple Islamic basics is part of my topics. After intense research I have found very few Muslim women have been given the opportunity of having an Islamic website like mine. When I requested for a site from I was screened by Haseeb Ahmed as to why I would like to have an Islamic site for women only and I felt it was appropriate for me to converse with females on all my topics easily and comfortably. Alhumdullah the site has vast amount of info and knowledge about various topics, and I Am getting there. As you know everything has hiccups at first. I just have traffic problems and I need to advertise the site which I am doing slowly, in fact very slowly, I just like to take this opportunity of thanking your team by actually mentioning my site www. on this site and to the Haseeb Ahmed who never loose hope in. Me. A very big thank you. To you guys all the best in the future and Allah bless you!!!!!
    Was salaams
    Haseena Khan-Educator/Mentor/mediator/Counsellor/Momeen/Social Worker.

  2. Muslims must learn Islam religion TRUE Islamic and Publish the teachings of religion to the others, whether Muslims or non-Muslims The life of the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him and his wives ,
    companions sahaba ,followers al tab’een .To respond to the accusations against Islam and muslims


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