3 Best & Useful Burning Software for Windows

Sound pretty weird as most of you would think that Burning Software for Windows is a bit out dated term but trust me it still have its uses and many computer users are using it that is why companies still making these kind of software for the needs of their costumers, in the near past its true that the use of Burning Software for Windows is a bit more less as compare to the previous Good old days because of the major use of USB flash Drives which are available in up to 128GB and 256GB options and this is why most people now prefer to store their data or files on these portable USB drives. But the if you want to store your data permanently or want to backup you files in a secure place then you will need these Burning Software for Windows, in this article we will give you a quick overview of the 3 Useful 2013 Burning Software for Windows, all the 3 Useful 2013 Burning Software for Windows are easy to use and will offer you the basics with ease like DVD Authoring, DVD copying, DVD converting, DVD creating and the basic DVD burning features…

3 Useful 2013 Burning Software for Windows

Nero 12 Platinum


Nero Burning 12 Platinum is the original DVD burning Software for Windows as most of you will be familiar with it as well, previously it was also known as Nero Burning-ROM because in those times it was used burning to CDs, but as time passes and multimedia changed Nero also changed its pace and bringed new technologies in their software and now their new version is called Nero 12 Platinum, Nero is a rock solid Software burning suite that will manage all of your burning tasks with great performance and awesome features, it is recommended for every one to use, Nero will offer you practically anything regarding Data, Video and Audio Burning, some of its features are Time-saving SmartEncoding, widescreen display Optimized like 16:10 & 16:9, Film-style effects, multi-track editing, analog and digital tape Capture, Output to flash drive and many other great features are available in Nero 12 Platinum.

FilePop HD Platinum


FilePop HD Platinum is another great Burning Software for Windows plus it has many additional useful features as well beside the basic stuff like DVD copying, DVD converting, DVD creating, the great point about FilePop HD Platinum is that its not a well known brand so it will offer you discounts with awesome functions to spread its name out there, some of the features of the FilePop HD Platinum are Support for 3D Blu-Ray Discs plus Rip Copy and Convert Blu-Ray Movies, DVD to Blu-ray or Real HD Conversion, can put 10 DVD’s on a single Blu-Ray, Graphics cards Decoding support with CUDA decoding and other technologies, HW Booster Technology, the last part is also great you can activate FilePop HD Platinum on three different PCs.



Developed by PixaByte Technology DVD-Ranger is another great multimedia Burning Software for Windows, PixaByte Technology team is known as the best dedicated Creator of the DVD/Blu-Ray software in the market, the features that DVD-Ranger offers are as follows, works in the latest next generation operating system by Microsoft Windows 8, CinEx which is the First future-proof Burning solution of its kind, DVD Author, Create Blu-ray from your own videos, Blu-ray to DVD, YouTube Downloader and Blu-ray Ripper with Converter, DVD-9 to DVD-5 or clone DVD-5 to DVD-5, Real HD and Blu-ray conversion from DVD…These are the great awesome and 3 useful 2013 Burning Software for Windows that i will recommend to every one, if you have a better solution in mind which will perform better than the above then do let us know in the comments below.

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