Catch a Fake Facebook Profile

World’s biggest social networking website Facebook is full of fake profiles. Right now there are more than 85 million Fake profiles on Facebook.  Even Facebook officials are unhappy with this situation and they have taken some steps like Phone Verification to stop Fake profiles. Some people even creates hundreds of Fake profiles for purpose of spamming.

fake facebook profile

Some Boys makes Fake profiles on Girls names and uses pics of some girls and then tries to fool other boys with those profiles. You should be careful before adding a profile as friend. Confirm it if the profile you are adding is real or fake? Whenever you receive a friend request then visit that profile and check all the info on it. if something seems suspicious to you then reject the friend request.

Method of Catching a Fake Facebook Profile:

suppose you received a friend request from a profile that is having photo of a beautiful girl. now how to confirm if this profile is real or fake? here is the method of catching a fake profile.

1 Save Profile image of the Facebook profile on your computer that you want to check.

2 Now go to Google Images site.

3 now click the camera icon on right side of Image Search box.

Google Images fake profile

4 now click upload an image and upload that profile image.

5 if lot of results appears for that image it means the profile is probably fake. if no other result appears for that image then there are high chances that profile is real.

This is how you can find a fake facebook profile easily. Remember this method will not work if a profile is using image of any celebrity or popular things.

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