Causes of Speaking Fear and how it can ruin your Career?

Speaking fear or Glossophobia is something that exists in the majority of people. Even many of the great speakers admitted that they have faced speaking fears once in their life. Therefore it needs to understand that speaking fear is something that is natural, occurs with every person and can be avoided. However if you don’t give fair & timely attention to it then the speaking fear inside you is enough to ruin your career no matter how much knowledge you have or the higher marks your secure.

Speaking fear

Let us analyse the major causes of speaking fear and how the resultant fear can ruin your profession and overall life.

Speaking Fear

Speaking fear is the unrealistic feeling of fear and nervousness attributed to public speaking. However some people even feel this fair in the general speaking. This fair is due to the lack of confidence in one’s own self, feeling of inferiority for oneself, and feeling that something might go wrong if likely miscommunication occurs.

How Speaking Fear can ruin One’s Career?

Speaking or communication power is something that makes your contact with others and shows your inner abilities. However you might face great challenges if you lack this skill. Speaking fear is the greatest communication barrier which is mostly ignored. It is because this communication barrier is invisible, therefore it is not easily understandable for others and only the person who is going through this situation can feel it. Let’s analyze some of the situations or causes of Glossophobia disorder.

1. First impression is last

When you meet someone or you get admission in the new collage, so the 1st few weeks are very important to shape the future happening of your career. If you remain uninvolving, quiet and unanswered to questions then the state of lack of confidence will automatically build up. This will develop communication fear in you and will get stronger & stronger with the passage of time. The bottom line is that you will not get the attention of your superiors and even of your colleagues.

2. When you take everything For granted

Sometimes people feel that they have everything they need, thus they start to take everything for granted. This seems to be very relaxing in the short time but ultimately develops fairs and anxiety. In start it feel easy & comfortable if you don’t pay attention to different matters, do not observe the changing environment, do not appreciate what is good and do not condemn what is bad; however it is disastrous for your career in long run. It gives the feeling to others that you are emotionless person and hence cannot be a perfect fit for their organization.

3. Superiority complex

Superiority complex is the state of mind in which most of us are betrothed. Traditionally it means that you feel that you are someone superior to others, however broadly it also means that you feel someone is superior to you. Both of these situations develop speaking fears. Even the world’s great speakers remained underdogs for while because of this reason. However they got realized it soon and worked hard to get rid of this disorder.


In light of the above analyses we can conclude that speaking fear is a negative state of mind which is developed with unrealistic comprehensions, ideas, actions and reactions; over the period of time. Moreover this fear has the full power of taking you to the level of executive from the level of ordinary clerical officer. Therefore it is essential for everyone to work on their communication skills by breaking down their unrealistic state of mind.

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  1. i know many people who are facing this problem,(i will not name them here)

    actually me, i am also facing this problem and trying to get rid of this situation.
    pray for me.


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