Central Park In The Mid Of New York City

Central Park is a very good place to spend a holiday or to spend time either with your loved ones or alone. It is good place for exploring also. There are very longs roads and at the both side of the roads there are giant flower trees which doesn’t produce any kind of fruit, which might fell off and harm you. Everything is arranged there after a long discussion about visitor’s safety.

As the places get mature, people likes the places. The Central Park in New York City is more than 150 years old now. Maybe that’s the reason why more and more people like that Park. Each year, millions and millions of people use to visit there. Some goes to renew their mind, and some goes to see the beauty of the park. Some goes to have a abundant time with partner, and some goes with family to have picnics. Some enjoys watching and seizing pictures of the lake.
a tree at centeral park new york
The lake surrounding bunches of gorgeous maple trees has become an interesting spot sightseeing especially by tourists. Not only these, there are much more for you to see, such as the marvelous bridge, big old trees, flowers, buildings, bushes, a green ground, mosses etc.

Central park is an ecologically clean and safe park for all the visitors now. Central park is not just a Park. It is also a reason for All Americans to be delight.

central park

A summerday at central park new york

central park Autumn


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