Cigarette-Its Origin and Its Harms

Word Cigarette is derived from French which means “small Cigar”, Basically it is a Fine cutted bunch of tobacco leaves wrapped in a Cylindrical shaped paper used for smoking. The Cigarette is ignited from one end and its smoke is inhaled from the other end, The other end is kept or held in mouth or between two lips and in some cases it is also inserted into cigarette holder for little ease.

cigarette on black background with smoke
cigarette on black background with smoke

The main thing which differs a Cigarette from Cigar is that a Cigar is entirely made of Tobacco leaf  but Cigarette is made of Tobacco leaf, Wrapped in cylindrical shaped piece of paper and its modern form usually contain smoke filters at the inhaling end.

The earliest forms of Cigarette were Smoking tubes. Cigarette was first attested in central America around 9th century. Cigarettes were mostly used methods used for smoking in Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America in recent times.

At first in south and central American Cigarettes were wrapped in various plant wrappers, after that maize wrappers were introduced when it was bought back to Spain, and by 17th century Cigarettes were wrapped of fine Paper.At that time they were called “papelate”. But when it crossed France in 1830, The name cigarette was given to it. And French state tobacco monopoly started to manufacture them in 1845. Its production speed rapidly increased when Cigarette-making machine was introduced in early 1880s.

In 2002 approx. 5.5 trillion Cigarette were manufactured and were consumed by 1.1 billion people. The rate of consumption had fallen off in developed countries and rising in Under-developed countries.

Health Issues caused By Cigarettes.

The primary psychoactive chemical in cigarettes  is nicotine which is addictive. It has a bad effect on Lungs and also can cause Lungs cancer. Respiratory infections and asthma attacks are also caused by the second-hand smoke of cigarettes.

smoking Cigarette is dangerous
smoking Cigarette is dangerous

There are also massive banning on the tobacco products in many countries such as Brazil banned all flavored tobacco including menthol and became first country for doing so. And several other countries have banned smoking in public areas just due to its negative health effects.

After the revealed effects of Smoke of Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes were introduced which is a nicotine delivery device and acts like a Cigarette but produces no smoke, But many countries like Singapore have Banned Electronic Cigarette and Smoking such devices is illegal in such countries.

Cigarette smoking in Pakistan.

Smoking is not banned in Pakistan. This habit is found in mostly Young people and farmers, they are picking smoking as a fashion but it is harmful and causes many major diseases. According to a survey 40% male and 8% female are involved in Smoking in Pakistan.

Cigarette Smoking A Human
Cigarette Smoking A Human

Mostly Students are addicted to Smoking and it is a fashion in them to Smoke Cigarettes. Pakistan is also at the Top Countries for smoking habits. Due to smoking almost 100,000 people die every year in pakistan.

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