Dooms Day on 21st December? Read The Reality in The light of Holy Quran!

I don’t know why peoples are so much worried about this Hoax that The Earth will be finished on December 21st, 2012. Simply, What the Hell is this. Some days ago one of my friend in my class asked a question to our Islamic Teacher it is quoted bellow;

Sir! What are your comments about the HOAX that the Doom’s Day will be held on 21st December, 2012?

Our teacher politely answered him that;

My dear Student, Don’t go for the false statements. Allah knows well when the Doom’s day will be held. You just concentrate on your Studies.

My friend kept quite for a while. After some times he again asked;

Sir please elaborate your words Please I want total satisfaction I’m much worried and tensed that the world will end on 21st December

Every one present in the class started to Laugh our Loudly.

Again my teacher started to talk politely and said

Look my son! haven’t you read Quran ul Kareem? Don’t you believe on Hadiths of Muhammad SAWW? Just concentrate on your studies. Nothing will happen. Let me clear you this thing with one of the saying of Muhammad SAWW, He said when the Qiyamah will be held it will be the day of Friday and before Qiyamah “Dajjal” (Antichrist) will come. And he will be ruling the whole earth for few days. He will be very cruel he will kill almost every Muslim. Then Hazrat Mehdi A.S and Hazrat Essa A.S will comeback to the earth to save Muslims from the Fitna of Dajjal. There will be a ultimate fight between Muslims and the supporters of Dajjal usually the Jews. 

He further said; You can go and use you Internet and search and research on this topic. You will get lots of New information

So did I, Today I’ve researched so much on this topic and I’m sharing this with you guys.

First of all being a Muslim I’ll write religiously rather than socially or just aimlessly. Let’s put a close glance on Quranic Teachings and Hadiths.

Dooms Day on 21st December 2012?

I’ll do my utmost best to prove my points right with the hep of Quran and Hadiths to remove the False beleive on the finishing of the world on 21st December 😛

My Points to prove:

  • The Mayan Calender is Wrong
  • Major Signs for the coming of Yom-ul-Qayammah (Real End of the World)
  • The Process of judgement Day!

The Mayan Calender is Wrong!

Yes, the Mayan Calendar is totally wrong. I’m saying this because they have stated that the earth will end on 2012! I have read some Verses where it is completely stated that Only Allah Knows When the Doom’s Day Will be held. How the Mayans can calculate the right day? It is just the mater of common sense. When Allah has stated that the doom’s day will be held only per my permission and Allah knows better the who the hell are these Mayans? I will be extremely happy when every one who believes on Mayan’s Calender will be fooled 😀 I think this elaboration is enough for we all.

Dooms Day on 21st December 2012?

Major Signs For The Coming of Yom-ul-Qayammah (Real End of the World)

Here are some major Signs on The finishing of the World Islamic Points of View!

  1. Only Allah Knows when the Qayammah will be held
  2. Huzrat Muhammad SAWW can’t help Almighty Allah
  3. Arrival of The False Massihah ( Dajjal/Antichrist)
  4. The Rise of Hazrat Mehdi A.S Who will atop a white horse and face Dajjal and restore Islam
  5. Hazrat Isa A.S will arrive at the earth from the Seventh Sky and help Hazrat Mehdi A.S against Dajjal
  6. Smoke Every Where!
  7. Three Huge Earth-Quakes
  8. The Sun will rise from its Opposite direction i-e West
  9. Dabbat al-ard, the Beast of the Last Days
  10. Yajooj And Majooj are two vicious beings that will be imprisoned and will drink all the earth’s water, destroy all life on earth and ravage all the Earth!
  11. The number of Men will decrease and women will be increased. Like there will be one man and 50 Women.
  12. The Euphrates will reveal a treasure of Gold. Every one will fight each other to gain more and more gold.
  13. A time of great peace and serenity during and after the remaining lifetime of Jesus.
  14. Wealth will come so abundant that it will become difficult to find someone to accept charity.
  15. A gentle wind which will take the souls of the
    believers. (Muslims)

The Process of Judgement Day!

Please correct me If I’m Wrong May Allah Forgive me if I write something wrong!

As per my knowledge what ever I know is listed bellow in steps may be I forget some steps please do correct me via commenting 🙂

When Hazrat Israfeel A.S will ring his triumph by the order of Almighty Allah, every one will die no life will be present on earth or any other land where living things are present. No one will be there to take the name of Almighty Allah or there will be no one who will take the name of Almighty Allah or say Allah hu Akbar. Once again Allah almighty will order Hazrat Israfeel A.S to ring the triumph once again. When the triumph will be ringed every once will stand and gathered in one Ground i-e Medan i Arafat. So whats next! Every one will be given the result of there deeds they have done here.

The Results will be provided to every one. The one who have done good deeds will be given his/her result in his/her Right hand. His face will be shining like the Full Moon shines he will be extremely Happy. And the others who have done bad deeds here will be given results in there left hands and they will be punished severely in Jahanum (hell).

The one who will be given his results in right hands he will live forever in Heaven (Jan-nah) there he will meet Almighty Allah and will never die. Will get what ever he wants what ever.

And the one who will be given his result in left hand will always live in jahanum and will be punished severely. Such strict punishment will be given to him we just can’t imagine it 🙁

Final Conclusion:

After writing allot I’ll give my own conclusion that Allah knows better whether it will come on 21st December or someday else. May Allah help all of us to  find the right way. I pray All Muslims shall not believe this false hoax. Nothing will happen Mayan calendar is just an example that in the mid night the clock resets to 00.00 and after it a new day starts. Mayan Calendar is same to this. The calendar will end and a new calendar will start!

So Start living peacefully! And pray to Allah that he may show all of us the right way the guidance.

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