Dramas Like Ishq E Memnu: A Threat For Pakistani Dramas

After the success of Ishq-E-Memnu leading Pakistani entertainment channels have started airing Non-Pakistani dramas. These dramas were firstly aired in Turkey. It is important to mention here that the Turkish drama Ishq-E-Mamno broke all the TRPs records and became the highest TRP rated drama of Pakistan.

Previously, Pakistani drama Hamsafar got highest TRP in Pakistan. As mentioned earlier top entertainment channels of Pakistan are airing Turkish dramas by dubbing them in Urdu.

These dramas are aired on television during the Prime time. Therefore most of the Pakistani dramas are losing advertisers and getting low TRP ratings. If you are unaware of the term TRP,you can read it here.

Considering the loss of ads and TRPs in Pakistani dramas,United Producer Association of Pakistan(UPA)today invited the journalists from different news channels to cover their Press conference.



President of UPA,Khawaja Rashid started the press conference told that,since the Non-Pakistani dramas are aired in Pakistan,Pakistani drama have seen decrease in their TRP ratings. People of Pakistan are mostly watching Turkish dramas,thus following of Pakistani dramas in our country have seen a decreased.

President and other actors,actresses demanded that Turkish dramas should not be aired in Pakistan during prime time. The term”Prime time”means,the time when majority of Pakistanis starts watching television. Prime time starts from 8:00 pm-10:30 pm.


Asif Raza Mir,general secretary of Pakistan Producer Association further added that they don’t have any problem with the Non-Pakistani dramas. Their demand is that these dramas should not be aired during the Prime time.

Previously,most of the Pakistani dramas were aired on television during 8:30 pm-10:00 pm but now they have been replaced by Turkish dramas.


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