Drinking Milk With Fish Is Not Harmful

Our World believes in so many lies and misconception that are not even closer to truth and these misconception sometimes becomes very popular and spreads all over the world. People believes in these misconceptions like they are facts and act upon them. One such misconception which is very common in various parts of the world specially South Asia is that Drinking Milk before or after eating Fish is harmful and if you done that you will suffer from a special type of skin disease known as skin pigmentation.

taking milk with fish

This misconception is also very popular in my country Pakistan. Most of people not consume Milk when they have eaten the fish here in Pakistan. One day i decided to do research on this issue and talked to various Doctors about it. I also searched for information about it on the Internet and found that its nothing but a myth that taking Milk with fish can harm you in any way.

Medically or scientifically no one is able to prove that consumption of milk and fish together can cause a disease.

After completing the research i myself eaten the fish and drank milk immediately after it and you will have to believe that nothing happened to me. my skin is completely fine. so you can drink Milk with consuming fish without taking any tension.

Would you believe it that there are even recipes which are made with Milk and fish together like Fish Baked in Coconut Milk Recipe.

Some people even believes that there are specific kinds of fishes with whom drinking milk is harmful not with all. well this information is also wrong.  ask these people the names of these specific kinds of fishes if they are true?

Another important question here will be that how this myth became popular among people that Fish consumption with Milk is harmful? well i also researched about this and found out that it was a popular Hindu belief and in Jewish religion as well that taking fish with milk is not right in old times.

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  1. Well I know his article is ok but here’s a fact my uncle (chuchu)who own a fish farm got pigmented skin .. My other uncles who work there don’t hv it .. So my conclusion is not every can have pigmented skin but who have it are surely associated with this Fish And Milk theory

  2. well the article is not factual, nor does it provide any research reference or doctor’s advise or even any fact….infact there are news that consuming fish and vitamin C got a girl killed, after she ate the fish her nose started to bleed soon after she added vitamin C in her stomach becuase her immune system malfunctioned due to the strong chemical reactions of these powerful vitamins and eventually led to her death. There is also reference in Islam, one should prefer to consume 1 type of food at 1 time, although it is not obligatory, but advised to do so. but here we are we want to eat every darn thing altogether whether its required or not.
    Remember, it is a scientific fact that our immune system is powerful enough to destroy our own body within itself. But why immune system will do so, coz when it goes crazy and mindless just like a muscle tone goes out of shape if u take serious steroids…same with immune system, feed ur body properly or it may react badly…
    Last but not least, there are true stories also lying around…there are many people who claimed the same that milk doesnt harm on fish, but these same ppl got this same skin disease coz they never listened and got overconfident. Remember, Allah does not like us to be overconfident by all ourself and neglect Elder’s advise, and thus Allah may put us to trial coz we claimed to be smarter than them.

  3. Well, After reading you all very briefly, i just wanted to share that eating with right conscious is very important. Whatever one eats should try and understand the ingredients along the taste. Take particular diet at one time. Never overload yourself with varieties at same time. Go either mediterranean or indian or chinese at different times. Eat fish, flush it out and start the next day with new cuisine, that’s the way to go!

  4. i today ate fish around 1.45 and then at 5.00 i drank a banana shake then again at 8.30 i ate fish… now i want to know that will i suffer a skin disease.

  5. I would like to know that is the fish+milk is prohabited in islam. If it is not then it is only myth ( shrik ). becoz our islam is science.

  6. Today I ate fish and after half n hour I eated a half spoon of ice cream ,,,,,,,now I want to knw that will something happen wid me ?????

  7. Today i ate fish at 7:15 pm and unknowingly took a cup of milk at 8:45…. now i m worried. ….. plz helo me out… something wrong won’t happen? ??

  8. Tody i eat fish 4.5 piceces time about 5:0 o colck
    Unkonwly took a glass oof milk at 7:00 i worrieddd
    I suffr a skin decec plz telll……allha g karm kru


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