Earth Like Planets discovered by NASA

NASA’a Kepler space Telescope has discovered three new planets like Earth. These are Exoplanets. If you don’t know what are exoplanets,then let me tell you that. The planets outside of our solar system are called Exoplanets. The first exoplanet was discovered in 1992. Since then more than 800 exoplanets has been discovered.

Scientists from NASA on April 18 announced that they have discovered Earth like planets where life has been spotted. According to them,one of the three planets is much similar to Earth and they have found life on that planet.

One of the planet discovered is named as Kepler-62f, which is 1.4 times bigger than Earth. The neighbor exoplanet of Keplet-62f is called Kepler-62e,which is 1.6 times bigger than Earth.

Bill Borucki the Kepler Principal investigator said that traces of life can be found on Kepler-62f and 62E.

New earth like planets found

The third exoplanet found is called Kepler-69c,which is 1.7 times bigger than Earth. An artist drew the diagram of Keplet 69c exoplanet. Here is the image:

Kepler 62-e takes 122 and Kapler 62-f takes 267 days to complete one orbit around their stars.A study suggests that both the exoplanets are covered by endless and uninterrupted global oceans.


Bill Borucki has further said that this is an initial step to discover life on planets. Someday in future they will achieve success in their mission.

See the video showing the possibility of life on both the planets i.e, Kepler 62-e and f by clicking here.

What do you think will the scientists be able to find life on Exoplanets? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.


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