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Firefox OS is a new open source Operating system for smart phones and tablets developed by Mozilla. Firefox OS is expected to be released in next year. Mozilla has released a extension for Firefox Browser users, Firefox OS Simulator 1.0 so the users can play with the operating system on their Browsers.

There are many good things about the Firefox operating system, it will be absolutely free, open standards used. Using HTML 5 and the new Mozilla-proposed standard APIs creating great opportunities for Applications developers, Number HTML 5 developers is increasing day by day. So you will have great apps to run for on your Firefox OS.

The simulator was released last month but it had many problems and issues with it, Mozilla has updated the simulator the new version is really good and you can test the Firefox Operating system. On the simulator you can run HTML 5 applications and check how they work on Firefox.

The Firefox OS is tested on Samsung Galaxy S2 ,Galaxy Nexus phone and  Raspberry Pi the Firefox operating system run successfully applications were tested ,working great , all the phone’s powered by Firefox OS were smooth buttery and fast. It is expected the OS will power variety of cheap phones and Tablets. Many Chinese phones are surfacing, releasing soon.

With the Firefox OS the users won’t be bound into a specific platform giving them choice, flexibility and the users Freedom. With Firefox OS, the Web is the platform.

If you are curious about the Firefox Operating system, Will it emerge as revival to Android??? .Go checks it out. (Simulator) 



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