Foods That Can Make You Fat

Before reading about the foods that can make you Fat it is necessary for you to understand that  not all of the food items listed below should be avoided completely. Some foods if consumed in moderate amounts result to a good healthy body because human body needs fats like other nutrients,Fats are essential for smooth functioning of the human system.However drinks like soda and beer can be avoided completely .They have no health benefits and contains excess amount of empty calories.

Foods that make you Fat



Chocolate is the one of the energy dense foods which eventually leads in increases the level of fat in human body.Chocolates have approximately 2,200 KJ per 100 gm which is high as compare to the other foods. Eating chocolates regularly can results in gain of and ultimately turns into obesity.

ice creams


Ice Cream:

Ice cream has great amount of fats in it ,Although it has milk as its major ingredient but ice cream contains over double amount of energy and high protein content .It has four times more amount of carbohydrates and 60% more fat and saturated fat.An ice cream scoop has around 250-300 calories and the additional ingredients raise the calorie level upto 1000 calories.Ice cream is therefore the most fattening food .





Now a day’s consumption of cheese has increasing rapidly due to its use in fast foods like burgers and pizza. Cheese contains high amount of saturated fats. Cheese has great nutritional value but the excessive use cheese can cause stomach disorders .Studies suggest the people who eat less than 50 gm of cheese are safe but who consume more than 50 gm daily can develop stomach and bladder diseases. If you are in habit of eating cheese, get rid of it or you will have the rise of fat level in your body and that’s not good for health.






The consumption of mayonnaise with salads chips,burgers or with any other thing can increase fat level in body considerably high as compared to other foods in the list. Mayonnaise is made from egg whites, oil’s and fats. The most surprising thing is that people don’t consider as fat increasing food , mayonnaise has high fat contents upto 75 % percent of fats in its composition and greatly cause the increase of fats in your body.


cream soups



Cream Based Soups:

Cream based soups have high amount of fats in them. It is a general observation that soups are healthy and are nutritious foods. The soups with salads in them are definitely healthy foods. On the other hand soups those include with cream are fattening and unhealthful.


fried foods



Fried Foods:

Fried foods have the highest amount of fats and the top of the list are the French fries. The basic two ingredients are potatoes, Potatoes are full of fats and when they are fried in oil, it is also fat. When fat is fried in fat the resultant is French fries. There are many other foods like fries that enrich of fats you should avoid these types of foods if you are worried about reducing your body fat.


soda drink


Soda drinks ha high amount of sugars in them and can cause the increase of fats in body. Apart from sugar they contain artificial colours and high amount of energy.Soda drinks are also not good for health so try to avoid them.





If you drink two beers daily it would give you 300 calories or more per day. In a week it will be 2100 calories will be in your .If you continue this routine after a year around 110000 will be consumed by you and these are equal to 30 pounds of fat. This proves that how much beer is harmful to your body in sense of fats and if you are in habit of drinking beer than you will be having a “beer belly” or you will get soon if you don’t quit it.

The foods mentioned in the list are responsible for fats and health issues they should be eaten in a very controlled manner.The avoidance of these foods will be helpful for your body system.Hope you have learned some thing from the post foods that can make you fat .Share your thoughts with us,Comment below.


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