Get Rid of Bad Mouth Breath Smell

In today’s world for success it is very important to leave your good impression on others. For giving good impression people uses different ways like wearing good dresses, talking well etc.

A small factor which some people not keeps in mind to leave good impression on others is having a good breath. Bad breath from your mouth can upset others and can take people away from you.

bad smell mouth

So its is very important to have a good breath.  Having a bad mouth breath (halitosis) has become a common  problem now a days. many people are really worried because this problem and want to get rid of it but they don’t know what to do?

Large no. of people thinks that cause of bad breath can only be related to mouth like not cleaning the teeth or presence of food pieces in mouth. actually this is not true. There can be many reasons for bad breath of mouth and treatment for all of them is different.

Common causes of Bad Breath are following:

  • Plaque on teeth
  • Presence of food pieces in mouth.
  • Presence of Bacteria in mouth.
  • Tonsils problem in throat.
  • Problem in stomach.
  • Smoking.

These were most common cause of bad smell coming from mouth. now lets discuss the cure. First you need to found out the reason for bad breath and discuss it with your Doctor.  Common cures of bad breath are following:

  • Brush your teeth properly,also remember to use your toothbrush on tongue.
  • Use Mouthwash daily. i will recommend Niflam Mouthwash.
  • Use Miswak as it naturally kills bacteria of your mouth.
  • If you have tonsils problem in throat then talk with your Doctor about it.
  • Leave smoking.
  • Try to keep your mouth moisturized. dry mouth can cause bad breath.
  • eat more banana.
  • Sometimes foods like onions, garlic, cheese also causes bad breath so avoid them.
  • Try to drink more water daily.

These are some tips that can help you in getting rid of bad breath but still i will advice you to see the Doctor.

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