How a Student can Manage Time For Blogging and Study?

time managementWhen some one enters into Blogging Profession or Passion, Usually He is a Student, His time-table or schedule start getting disturbed badly. He starts to sit in front of computer or laptop most of his time and in most cases all of his time till late night.

He starts to give his all attention to Blogging and nearly all the time he spends by sitting in front of computer and start starts giving less time for his Family,Friends,Healthy activities and nearly no time to Study. It is a Big Mistake to do this, As all of newbie bloggers face this problem(Even I Faced it).

As the biggest hurdle in the way of Bloggers is Social media, every blogger spends some time on social media like Facebook and twitter etc. But the mismanagement of time occurs in every case. That newbie Blogger starts to give less time to Blogging and more time to social media which is a biggest mistake and can be proved harmful for his blogging carrier and study.

Now when parents se their child sitting all the time in front of his computer with an internet connection in his room, majorly all of the Parents that their Son/Daughter is going towards bad society, here in major cases they usually don’t know what Blogging is and all the Benefits of Blogging and they start to stop him from this attitude and ¬†pressurize him to leave the internet connection and focus on his study.

What a Student Should do?

Once a student recognizes his mistake he should schedule a time-table and start to work according to that time-table. His time-table should include time for all the activities like Study, Blogging,Social media, Friends and all other healthy activities like Sports.

he should also tell his parents about the benefits of blogging and try to convince them about Blogging carrier. He should also avoid using computer or Laptop in front of his parents.

What Parents Should do?

Parents should do some research about Blogging and its Benefits and try to keep their child at a specific schedule for more improvement. They should try to understand the feelings of their child and should allow him to blog.

From The Author:

These are my suggestions to improve time management of a Student blogger. What do you say and If you are having a Suggestion you can tell us in Comments Below.

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