How to Avoid muscle loss after leaving the Fitness gym?

How many of you join the fitness gym with the expectations of building strong & attractive muscles??? I think most of you must have entered the fitness club with the hope to gain strong muscles. Yes, according to the research every second person joins the fitness club at least once in his life. However the question arises that when most of the people do fitness workouts in the gym then why there are more skinny guys around in comparison to muscular?

How to avoid Muscle loss after leaving the Fitness gym

The answer is very simple. People get the admission in the gym, and sacrifice their time, money and effort to gain the muscles; however once they feel that they have build strong muscles, they just quit the gym. According to the experts this behaviour is due to the lack of consistency and eager to gain maximum results with minimum or no efforts. For example, most of the people do hope that they will get strong everlasting muscles with 5, 6 months workouts, which is quite unrealistic. Therefore majority of fitness coaches suggests people to continue their fitness workout at the gym daily for at least 30 minutes.

Keeping in view the suggestion of fitness experts and coaches, let’s dig out the truth. Let me ask very simple question from you guys. Tell me is this possible for us to do regular fitness workouts in the fitness gym for the years???

The answer is no. It is the fact that majority of fitness trainers leave their training after 6 months and the remaining after the 1 year. This might be due to the tough business or study routine or due to the lack of willingness to persist along the same routine. The other major reason of leaving fitness clubs are the short duration results of workouts. For example, If you do workouts for at least six months so your muscles will remain strong and sturdy for next six month after leaving the gym, however after that your muscles will start wreck and you will get in the normal shape as you were before joining the gym.

Here in the remaining part of this post, I will through some light on the key elements that will help you to get the strong muscles that will never shed.

A. Points to be Focused during Exercise

Don’t build ostentatious muscles through pumping. As these muscles will remain for the short duration.


Don’t lift very heavy weight or very light weight as both will be harmful for you in the long run. For the strong everlasting muscle building, you need to lift 5 to 10 pound heavier weight than the weight that you can easily lift.

Instead of lifting heavy rods or dumbbells and doing 12 standard reps in each set, it will be more effective to start your 1st set with 16 reps, second with 14 reps and third & final with 12 raps.

Instead of focusing on body part split routine one has to focus on full body exercise. This will in the balanced growth of all the muscles of your body.

B. Points to be Focused After leaving the Exercise

Now once you have built strong muscle, it is time to maintain those muscles for the long time. Definitely carrying regular fitness workout is the best way of this, but if you are not able to continue the stream like many other then you need to follow these steps after leaving the fitness gym.

In order to maintain your muscles in shape the 1st thing you have to do is to involve your body in any physical activities, like swimming, cycling, hiking, martial arts and jogging. These activities will provide required stretching and to your body.

Prefer to stairs over lift, feet walking over car driving and work while you are stand instead of being seated throughout the day.

These physical activities will vibrate your muscles. So after doing these activities, take some high nutrition food that you used to eat during your regular fitness club workouts.

In order to maintain your muscles you have to do 2 hours workouts per week. You can do 2 hours workout on single day or go for 1 hour workout after three day. But wait you don’t need to worry, for this small workout you don’t need to get admission in the gym once again. You can do this exercise in your home using two dumbbells are rods.


Above mentioned points will help you to gain strong and long lasting muscles prevent the loss of muscles once you leave the gym workouts. However for this you need to be consistent with your physical activities and take special care of your daily intakes.


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