How to Deal with Short Attention Span?

Attention span is a length of time you are able to concentrate on a particular thing or information, unless your attention diverts to any other thing. High attention span is important because it expands your thinking and judgement capabilities. Today most of people have low attention spans which hinder them to fully apprehend a particular situation and to make a right decision. Surprisingly most people link their low attention span with their natural incapabilities; which is totally wrong, attention span is something that is not natural. It is something that is developed over a period of time, with a regular practice.

how to increase your attention Span

Let’s analyze that which practices are helpful to build high attention Span.

1. Avoid Multitasking where it is unnecessary

Today organizations prefer people who can do multitasking however this is the reality that multitasking lower down in-depth understanding and creativity. However world is full of exceptions, there are some people who can manage multi tasking very well without losing their attention. But in most cases multitasking is devious for the prolong attentiveness.

If you are driving a car, reading text message of your GF and thinking of your business issues at once; then surely you will loose your attention on two or all the three matters resulting in bad decision and worse results. Means by this way you are not a good driver & good boy friend nor a good businessmen. You will not be able to perfectly manage a single thing. This is because there are lots of things distracting your mind to focus on a particular thing. Therefore if you want to be a good performer in any walk of life, then it is important that you award preference level to each task and then perform each task according to its preference level.

2. Clear objectivity

If you are trying to achieve dozen objectives at once so chances are that you will get a golden duck at the end. Therefore it is essential that you have clear objectives about everything you do. If you are sitting in a job interview and your thoughts are wondering around your home so you will definitely not able to answer the questions. Interviewer will think that you are not capable for this position; and you too. However the reality is totally different. You lost the position because your objective (to answer the interviewer and convince him that you are best person for this post) was vague.

On the other hand If you have clear cut objective so you will concentrate on that particular thing to achieve the desire results. Therefore it is important that you clarify your objective before you start working on that particular thing. Initially you can write down your objectives on a small piece of paper and can read it time and again to remind yourself about your objectives.

3. Give breathe to your brain to think

Most times our minds are stressed & squeezed, unable to pick anything from its outside environment. This is time when our mind needs little space to take some breath. Now you might ask; do our minds need some breath? Yes, our mind need some breathe to think properly in a relaxed environment. If we put lot of stress on our mind then it will be suffocated and would not be able to focus.

In order to give relaxed internal environments to your mind don’t put too much burden on it. Moreover don’t get your emotions run over your thinking. It is because if you are unable to cope with the extreme level of your feeling (feelings of anger, love, fear and over-confidence) then your thinking abilities will be stifled under those feelings. Thus you will lose your attention and will not able to make a correct decision, and hence will fair to attain your career or life goals.

4. Read the Books of your favourite subject

Reading is one of the simplest ways of improving your attention span. Here You might ask can TV or internet be replaced with reading books; the answer is a big NO. Remember TV, internet and other digital devices are opponent of your focus & attentiveness; as they hammer your attention span with the glamour & unrealistic and fictitious world. On the other side reading books and specially the books of your favourite topic or novel can increase your attention span as such books presents focused ideas of your favourite subject that entice you to read and apprehend more and more.

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