How to manage Team work Effectively

In today’s world where organizations have been globally expanded it has become impossible to compete if you are unable to manage team work effectively. In the start of industrialism the importance of team work was recognized when large companies integrated their resources to expand the industrial output. However with the development and wide acceptability of Information technology importance of team work has reached sky. The rule of the game is simple today. If you want success so you have to effectively manage team otherwise you will be perished.

How to effectively manage Team work

How to Effectively Manage Team work

1. Clarity of Team Objective

It is important for the success of team work that team management is clear from the start of the work. It is also important that team objective is reminded to the team members from time to time. It is also important to develop written statement of team objectives. Multinational companies tend to develop their Mission and vision statements which represent organization as a team.

It is also important for teams working in any large or small organization to develop their statement of Objective in the written form. The written statement clearly defines the objective and works as problem resolver in case any issue arises.

2. Size of team

According to management experts size of team should be between 5-9 members. Small teams might work in case of small issues however if you create 3 members team for extensible work then it gonna fail. Likewise having team of 20-25 members will also hurt the team efficiency because of many issues. Such as: 1. Time to develop consensus between team members 2. Probability of developing grouping in case of disagreement between members 3. Inability to understand viewpoint of other members etc. If your work is extensible to allocate it to 9 members then best practice is to make sub teams within team.

3. Who should be Team Leader & Criteria of Members

Selection of Team leader and group members is the half way to success. Therefore the selection criteria should be based on merit. Team leader should be motivated, well versed about the issues which his team going to address and should be unbiased.

Criteria for members should also be strict. Members should be

1. Selected on merit

2. Should have command over different aspects of the situation

3. Should work for the success for team instead for their personal goals

4. Respect each other

5. Should have strong relationship between themselves that will develop cohesiveness and result in team efficiency.

4. Feedback

Feedback is essential for the effective working of any team. It is the responsibility of the team leader to ask the view of individual members about the work of other members and the work of overall team. This way leader will be able to make effective judgments about the performance and the level of dedication of each member. However leader should ensure that biasness is cut out from the feedback and it is used for the performance level of the team.

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