How To Find Lost Android Device

How to find lost Android device? You have probably heard or read this line many times. What would you do if you lost your Android device. If you have ever used an iOS device then you would know that a lost iOS device can be found by using a special app.
But what about Android devices? How you will find lost Android device? Well this was a question with no solution but thanks to Android developers who have created Android Device Manager.

Find Lost Android Device:

Android Device Manager has been automatically loaded into your Android device by Google if you are using Android 2.2 or above. Didn’t believed it? But you have to. Your Android device is now enabled with Android Device Manager.

Find Lost Android Device with Android Device Manager:

To activate Android Device Manager you don’t have to dowoad anything. Just follow these steps and secure your device with Android Device Manager.
Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and check the Android Device Manager box.

After activating Android Device Manager you can trace your Android’s location from any web browser using this link.

Other features of this Device Manager is that it can also call your Android device or you can it will start ringing your Android device. But this will only work if you have lost your device somewhere near you.
Using Android Device Manager you can also remove data from your Android device in case if you have loose your hopes of getting back your Android device.

In this way you can find lost Android device.Do share the knowledge with your friends 🙂

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  1. this doesnt works in Pakistan and its useless in Pakistan. Over here the phone is turned off when its stolen and turned on after a fresh start. Boom. say Good Bye to your Device.


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