How To Get Rid OF Spots

How to get rid of spots

Most of the people now a days are suffering from facial spots ,skin acne and some other disorders , everyone want the answer of  how to get rid of spots, below are some tips I hope they will help you.

What are Spots ?

Spots are the part of skin disorder acne. People usually distinguish between acne and spots, classify spots as few breakouts on skin, while acne is more widespread and serious and is found on the face, chest ,shoulders, back and even on buttocks.
Skin has sebaceous glands near its surface . These glands secrete sebum, which is used by to lubricate hair follicle. When the excess of sebum and the dead skin cells combine and block the opening of gland, a blackhead us formed. It gets serious when skin bacteria’s attacks the blocked gland and turn that part of skin into red, swollen  spot and produce white pus, resulting into whiteheads.
Spots can form due to hormonal changes like the changes at puberty, during pregnancy or around periods. Spots are strongly linked with stress; stress can trigger the fluctuations in body hormone levels.

Spot Treatment

Here is a natural and easy treatment method  for how to get rid of spots.Natural methods are always cheap and easy to use. Tea tree oil is an incredible for anti-inflammatory and ant-bacterial treatment. Wash the spot water as the oil is highly concentrated and could irritate your skin and then apply the tea tree oil sparingly. Rosewater is used for centuries for skin treatment to release the stress and tension and regain the freshness of the skin. Rosewater is natural anti-inflammatory substance.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Don’t take stress and tension, the less stress the less spots you will have.
  • Eat organic fruit, vegetables and fish in large amounts as they are less toxic they will help your skin to glow back.

Try to drink the following juices in the morning make this your habit

  • Carrot, kale and parsley
  • Ginger root, carrot parsley
  • Potatoe, gree pepper and apple
  • Spinach asparagus and carrot


  • Wear less make up
  • Forget Chocolate




Squeezing Spots

Don’t think ever to squeeze spots if they’re red or without head. You will help bacteria to drive into deeper skin while squeezing the spots and it will make the situation worse. It’s recommend that when noticeable white head appears you can squeeze the spot, but don’t forget to clean your hands properly before and after and do use an antiseptic cream.
If you suffer from spots frequently, especially the mouth and chin area. Then you should visit a skin specialist doctor.
I recommend you to re-plan your diet , blow away the stress and never squeeze your spots.I hope these tips will help you in get rid of spots and do share this with your friends and family that are still looking for the answer of  how to get rid of spots.


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