How To Rescue Wet Gadgets

mobile dropped in water


You would be in this situation quite often, dropped your gadget in sink or toilet. Or you spilled hot tea or glass full of water on it, in other word’s it was damaged by water. Now onwards you can save your gadget in such situation. Here are some tips that might help to  Rescue wet gadgets ,save your gadget from liquid damage and bring it back to life.

Step 1: Remove the power
As soon you find out your gadget has been doused, you need to cut off the electric power, the immediate damage isn’t caused by the water, but the electric short circuits within the device. If your gadget has removable battery, remove the battery immediately .If it doesn’t than turn off your gadget at once. If you have turned off your gadget by the time you rescue it, control yourself not to turn on and check it. Remember this.

Step 2: Strip it down
Remove every single thing from your gadget if possible .Back cover, front cover, SIM cards. If you have any Nokia device than you have many things to remove, but gadget like iPhone you are left no choice. Remove everything so more air can go inside and get water out.

Step 3: Suck the water out

Try to use vacuum cleaner with narrow nozzle .It will help in getting the moisture out of your gadget. Suck out the water from every hole in the gadget for at least five minutes.
Not long ago I dropped my cell phone into a jug of orange juice. I had no vacuum cleaner nearby so I had to suck the juice out of the phone from the microphone ports and the charging hole. Did I save the phone? Big yes.
You can use , a air blower but don’t hair dryer , but don’t use the dryer more because the hot air can cause damage to the internal device and water evaporates leaving stains on the board. That can cause more issues.

Step 4: Dry it off

You may have listened or read on different sites of putting your gadget into a dry ice bowl. That also works but I am sharing the best method to dry, works best, out of all the things I have tried. Rice Krispies the cereal. They suck out the liquid much faster and more than the uncooked rice. Get your hands to a full box , burry your device in there and leave it for 48 hours. Change the position of your device after regular intervals of time like 6 hours.This will help you effectively in Rescue wet gadgets .
Step 5: Give it a shot

After 48 hours, get your gadget out of the Rice Krispies . Carefully examine the device for any moisture signs. Check for the blurry fog signs on the screen. If you notice moisture put it back for some more time otherwise put the battery and turn on your gadget. Most probably your gadget will regain its lost life and will be running again. If you have good luck.

Some Untested Methods
Note: These methods are not tested try them at your own risk.

  • Some people recommend soaking you device into pure alcohol, 90% pure. Alcohol is non-corrosive and more volatile .But most of the new gadgets have tight packing’s and fewer spaces to evaporate. So the option isn’t good in my opinion.
  •  Silica Gel, most of us know that silica gel is great water absorber. So putting your gadget with the silica gel will help you. Mostly silica gel isn’t available if somehow you have it, that will be out of some medicine box or any other thing. It already has absorbed a lot of moisture before it gets out of the box.
  • There is a product available in the market BHEESTIE Bag; they say it is 700% more effective than the rice in absorbing the moisture. You can by the BHEESTIE Bag for emergency.If you gadget gets wet, Dry it off remove every possible thing ,put it into the BHEESTIE Bag and reseal the bag and wait for 24 hours and your all moisture will be absorbed.


  • Don’t try to dry your gadget with heating devices like , dryers, ovens or any heating device. That will cause gadget sever damage, even melt the internal parts. Don’t dry them.
  • Microwaves, NO No never , are you gone mad ??
  • Shaking: at first looks a good option but, shaking your device can get water into the internal parts of your gadget and can cause even more damages.

These are some tips that will help you to Rescue wet gadgets ,I hope that will work for you. If you have any other working ideas do share with us so we can add them.


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