How to secure your Facebook account from hackers

Facebook is the largest social network. People use Facebook for different purposes. Some people use it to connect to their loved ones while professional businessmen and commercial and industrial companies use Facebook to drive attention of their customers towards their new products.

Bloggers use Facebook to drive traffic to their blog. While Facebook comes with so many advantages it too has some disadvantages. One of them is that you account can be hacked by Cyber criminals and can be used for dangerous purposes.

Facebook is the favorite social network for Cyber criminals. Therefore it is important to keep your Facebook account safe from these cyber criminals. Here we are presenting a tutorial that you can use to secure your profile.

Set a strong Password:

Always use strong passwords on your account. Never choose passwords like your birthday,your cellphone number or your home address. Try to create a password that contains number,alphabetic and special characters. Use lower and upper case letters to make your password more strong.

Link to a mobile device:

Linking your mobile device to your Facebook profile will help you to make your Facebook account more secure. When someone try to hack your Facebook account by using the”Forget Password”tactic, Facebook will send a code to you on your registered mobile number. In this way hacker won’t be able to hack your account as he don’t have access to your cellphone number.

How to link a mobile device on Facebook:

Goto Account setting>Mobile>Add a phone.

Login Approvals:

If someone has tried to access your account from a device or a location that was previously not used by the user to access his account. The person will get a notification after logging into his account that someone tried to access his account from unknown device or place.

How to enable login approvals on Facebook:

Goto Account settings>Security>Login Approvals.

Enable Secure Browsing:

Enabling secure browsing will allow Facebook to encrypt your Facebook browsing if you are surfing Facebook from unsecure Wi-Fi connection.

How to enable Secure browsing on Facebook:

Goto Account settings>Security>Secure Browsing.

Above is the best guide to make your Facebook profile more secure. If you haven’t followed the above mentioned guide,rush towards your Facebook profile now and make it safe and secure.

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