Few Tips To Increase Battery Life of Android Smartphones

With a few precautions everyone can increase battery life of Android smartphone. All of us know that Android smartphones are mostly used to entertain and keep our-self busy. That is why due to its high usage, the battery drains quickly as compare to the feature phones.

Most Smartphone owners feel lucky if their smartphone’s battery last more than a day. Here we will show you a few tips which will help Increase Battery Life Of Android Smartphones.

Increase Battery Life Of Android Smartphone

Improve Android Battery Life

You must Switch off all unwanted services which include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. It will help you in decreasing battery usage. By protecting the battery life from sinking more and more, use them only when you need them. Unwanted Widgets on the Home Screen will also damage your smartphone’s battery life. Because the widgets on the home screen will take up the battery life Even they seem inactive.

The widgets will look beautiful and animated but they are the main source behind eating up the battery life.Animated wallpapers and screen savers must also be kept at bay it also consumes battery. There are typically several services and functions that aren’t in use however, we have a tendency to forget to shut them.

Improving Android Battery TIme

Flip off the Bluetooth if you actually want to enhance the battery life and switch it on only if you wish to transfer files and alternative information. Same is the case with LAN. The battery gets killed after you leave the LAN on. This way the phone searches for the wireless hotspot even once it’s out of very. Thereby killing most of your phone’s battery life.

Battery overheat is another big source of killing the battery life. If this happened to your Android Smartphone that will decrease the life span of your battery. Don’t leave your phone in the charger after the battery is full because it will also cut the life of the battery. Most people plug their Android Smartphone into a charger while sleeping and then they plug it off in the morning its a bad habit for the battery life span of your device.


Some times it will also over heat your battery and can also cause device damage as well so you must be careful here as well. Leaving you smartphone in the car on the dashboard in direct sunlight can also overheat your battery and can cause device damage as well because of the high temperature in the car environment.


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