How to increase torrent download speed

Utorrent is a torrent client that is used to download pirated or illegal material.There are several torrent clients but Utorrent is the most popular one. Therefore in today’s post I will tell you how you can increase torrent download speed with Utorrent.

Recently a friend of mine texted me and ask for the solution of slow downloads in Utorrent. First I didn’t know the solution but after playing with the Utorrent settings I found something interesting that increased torrent download speed.

So today,I will share the settings that will increase torrent download speed in utorrent and you will see a huge increase in your torrent download speed.

Before applying the settings,I was getting around 50-60Kbps/second but after I changed the settings I started getting download speed up to 600Kbps/second.

Increase torrent download speed:

Before moving on,I just wanted to tell you that the torrent client I will use is utorrent,therefore if you are using any other torrent client you will have to find the settings yourself.

In order to increase torrent download speed you will have to follow the steps mentioned below. Remember to change the settings as mentioned in the picture.

How to increase torrent download speed:

To increase torrent download speed just change these settings:

1)Change Bandwidth – Increase Torrent Download Speed:

To change bandwidth settings just go to utorrent settings or preferences.From there choose theΒ “Bandwidth” tab and change the settings as shown in the image below:

how to increase torrent download speed

Remember to set your”Max Upload Rate“and”Max Download Rate” to “0“,which means both of them can download and upload data with unlimited speed.

2)Increase torrent download speed with Protocol Encryption:

In utorrent settings,click on”Bitorrent“tab and check the options as I have checked in the picture below:

how to increase torrent download speed

What Protocol encryption does is that it disables or stops your ISP to recognize torrent traffic. This will also increase torrent download speed.

3)Changing Advanced Setting:

After making changes in Bandwidth and Protocol settings,last thing you have to do is to change some settings in Advanced Setting tab. You can use the “Filter“tab to search for the below given codes.Go to “Advanced“tab in your utorrent preferences and change the settings as mentioned below:

  • Find and set”bt.allow_same_ip” to “True”.(see picture below)


  • Find and set”gui.show_notorrents_node“to “False“.(see picture below)

how to increase torrent download speed

  • Last but not the least set”rss.update_interval” to “20“.(see picture below)

how to increase torrent download speed

In this way you can increase torrent download speed and download the torrent file with maximum download speed. Happy sharing πŸ™‚

31 thoughts on “How to increase torrent download speed”

  1. Respect form Lahore man. I use Wi-Tribe and always my speed use to die on me after 5 evening. Now I tried trick to change the preferences shit works. Thanks alot great work cheers.
    And also If you can share how to make money online will be great help.

  2. Hey can you please help me out! I tried the above but it didn’t work. I have a wi-tribe connection and my speed doesn’t exceed 2-3 kbps in the download speed πŸ™ . If I use the torrent over another wifi network (Public) it works fine only the home network is giving problems. Please help!

  3. thanks for shearing such a wonderful article with us, i really don’t know about these tip, after using your tip my u torrent downloading speed increase very fast.

  4. it is not working i am downloading a game it is stuck on 61.8% first the speed was 120+ now the speed is 1.2+ kbps when the game reached 61.8% please help

    • Bro sometimes it help and sometimes it doesn’t, keep trying.
      Try to download from sites having more seeders than leechers

    • Seeder wo log hotay hain jo log file ko download karnay k baad torrent se delete nai kartay balkay upload kartay rehtay hain.


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