Inventions of the Future

We have seen so many great advancements in technology in recent years and scientists along with many other technological experts have been busy in making new inventions for this tech savvy world to use. So let us look at a brief view of the newest inventions of the future.

Leap Motion is one of the coolest inventions in this regard. It will not be a just an ordinary touch screen technology but will have three way dimensional use for the people to interact with their devices. After the invention is complete we humans would be able to use our computer screens by using our very own fingers and hand movements.

The next two mind blowing inventions of the future come from Google as the now search engine giant is actually taking giant steps in making new inventions. One such invention on which on Sebastian Thrun who’s a leading Google Engineer is working on is that of Self Driving Cars. Yes you heard it right.

When completed, this will surely prove to be one of the landmark projects being carried out by Google which involves developing a technological system that makes car drive on their own. The credibility of Engineer Sebastian Thrun is really good as he is also the director of Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory along with being co inventor of Google Street View as well.

Another mind blowing invention on which Google is currently working is Google Glasses.  This is a typical Research and Development Project which is based Head Mounted Display. These glasses would be used a substitute of using your smart phones while holding them in your hands thus distracting you from all other things going around you.

When done, Google Glasses will offer people to use their smart phones wherever they go just like they do with hands free and all the interaction would be done easily by the most natural way of using language and vocal commands.

Apart from this, we can likely see further inventions in the Television Arena with Goggles Free 3D TV expected to be launched anytime in coming years.  All in all, we are in for a number of breath taking inventions.

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