What is Islam? Is Islam the religion of Peace or philosophy to hatred? (Part 1)

What is religion? Why it so important? What it brings to our life? With the name of religion, the first thing that hits our minds is to worship. Worship to something that is believed to be commanding, authoritative and powerful. Moreover religion carries great importance because in shapes our lives. The religion that is in the news from the well over a decade, specially after 9/11 is Islam. Muslims the holders of Islamic believe say that Islam is the religion of peace & love, while most of the non-Muslims firmly believe that Islam is the religion of hatred and extremism.

Both the arguments are completely opposite however both gets some weightage. Many reputed TV channels & magazines have done lengthy discussions on this matter however almost all the discussions are considered to be incomplete or biased. All the programs showed half picture of the whole scene, which creates more confusion to the ordinary man. It is therefore necessary to present the reality in complete and unbiased way.


What is Islam & What message it gives?

Islam is a monotheistic believes that was originated more than 1400 years ago. It gives the teaching to its follower that there is only one God and he created this universe with some purpose. Allah (The God) had chosen Muhammad (SAWW) as his final messenger to furnish the orders of creator to its creation.


Message of Islam

According to Holy Quran (The final verbatim Book of God) the purpose of Islam is peace & prosperity in the lives of human beings. Though for attaining peace & prosperity the message of Islam is very different from all other believes. For attaining happy and prosperous life Islam does not give free license to anyone to define these terminologies; and then adopt any way of achieving happiness and prosperous life according to their definition. Because human thinking is very limited where human beings tend to believe one thing right in one time; and then in other time humans have totally opposite believe. In order to prevent humans to get loosed into the deceiving labyrinth of world, Islam defined the meanings of Peace & Love. Here is the message of Islam:


  • To spread love instead of hatred
  • To treat others with justice even if you become the victim of the fair decision
  • To empower the miserable instead of standing up with cruel or showing no responsibility because you are not the affected
  • To speak the harsh truth instead of easy lie, even if someone dislikes it or even if you are crush for speaking that truth

From above guidelines it can be deduced that Islam is the moderate religion of practice. Because such proposed philosophy of social justice, social integrity and social honesty and the practical role model in shape of Muhammad (SAWW) is a complete guide to bring peace & prosperity for the whole society instead of serving few individuals.

Now the question arises that if the Islamic rules are so moderate & gentle then how we get the expression that Islam gives the message of hatred & terror?

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