Is Pakistan going to be a Failed Economic State?

According to the latest global competitiveness report 2012 of world economic forum Pakistan is now ranked No. 124 among 144 economies around the world. Such a poor ranking is the alarming situation for the rich natural resourced country. Report associates the worse economic situation is the corruption and bad governance. Meanwhile, according to the government sources, the critical situation of the economy is due to the international economic downfall and due to the rising cost of military operations in the different parts of the country.

Pakistan a failed economic state

These facts are somewhat true however, this only covers the half picture. The aim behind showing such a distorted situation is to depict that condition is beyond the control and the government is trying its best to recover from this critical economic situation. If we do unbiased analysis of this worse economic state of the country so we reach the point that the main culprit of this situation is the ruling class of the country itself.

There are numerous reasons to blame the government for this situation. Surprisingly if you do analysis from any direction you reach the point where government should be accused of their direct or indirect involvement. First thing first, if the majority of the parliamentarians who claims to be the leaders of the country are tax dodgers then the public spirit to contribute in the national wealth will automatically become stumpy.

Secondly, most of the ruling elite of the country is directly or indirectly involved in the corruption scams. From the President to the secretaries all are involved the unfair deals in the public and private projects, as they have realized this as the last opportunity of building person empires. The Corruption scandals have been captured by the TV screen or newspapers are far behind those which are buried on the power of gun.

Corruption in pakistan

Third the government of Pakistan is failed to implement the fair taxation policy which is essential for the economic development of the country. Here in Pakistan, the rich is becoming richer and poor is becoming poorer because of the double standard of the government. The poor of the country is under the tied net of indirect taxes while the elite class enjoys the tax evasion. In other words country is running on the shoulders of those who themselves are deprived.

Fourthly, the policy makers of the country have shown their incapability to develop the business attitude in the general public. Instead, our aid grown government encouraged aid culture in the country in their 5 year regime. The ridiculous project in shape of Benazir income support program and Laptop distribution schemes are the achievement of this hippocratic coalition government. Through these programs, hundreds of billion of the rupees of the country are showered on selected population of the country. While leaving others unserved.

Dependence on aid

Those who are thrilled with the one thousand rupees per month under BISP or with the Laptops under CMLS might be satisfied the performance of the government and might think that country is on the path of success. However, in real terms they have paid ten times of their availed facilities in shape of indirect taxes.

The situation is becoming even worse if we compare the assets and debts of the country at the international level. According to the reports every single Pakistani has a debt responsibility of more than sixty thousand rupees. The credit goes to Mr. Zardari and his company, who has been successful to complete his 5 years of government; no matter he managed the state on international and local debts. The situation is so critical that now Pakistan is compelled to back the policies of their creditor countries otherwise it can be declared a failed state anytime.

Revolution in pakistan

Now even after such poor bad governance government counties to claim that country is going to regain economic stability very soon; so no one will trust on this statement. The reality is in front of you that Pakistan is a failing state and if the economic emergency is not declared in the upcoming few months so the situation might become even worse and Pakistan might be declared as a failed state. In the current scenario, such bold decision can’t be expected from the Zardari lead government. Therefore people of the country are waiting for a disparate change that could twist their lives and save the country from the lists of failed economic states.

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