List of 5 Mega Cities of World by Population

Today the population of the world is increasing like a jungle fire. Urban areas almost covers 60% of land. Forests and agriculture land are turning into urban areas which damage the natural beauty of our earth.Due to cutting of forests species of wild animals are finishing day by day. Here i am sharing five mega cities of the world by population.

1) Shanghai

The city of China named Shanghai is ranked as the largest city of the world by population. The population of this mega city is about 17,836,133 . Shanghai is the major financial center and the biggest business port of the world. The area of shanghai is about  6,340.5 km2. There are many business opportunities in Shanghai. This city is considered as the backbone of china. Shanghai is also the one of  best city of China for tourists. There are many points of interest such as Shanghai tower, Yu garden and oriental tower e.t.c. Shanghai university is also very famous not only in china but in the whole world.People from all over the world got admission iv this university every year.




2) Karachi

Karachi is the second most populated city of the world and first most populated city of Pakistan. It is also the capital of  Sindh province. The population of Karachi is about 13939000. Karachi port is also very important for all Asian countries. The area of Karachi is about 3527 km2. About 70% of economy of Pakistan depends upon this mega city.Karachi is the birth and burial place of  great leader and the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Karachi zoo and safari park are also very famous.




3) Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city of turkey and the third most populated city of the world. The population of Istanbul is about 13854740. The area of Istanbul is about 5343 km2. Istanbul is the most cultural and historical city not only of Turkey but of whole Europe. Istanbul is ranked as the fifth-most-popular tourist city.According to a survey about  10.4 million tourist arrived in Istanbul. There are many historical buildings such as Sultan Ahmed Mosque and Topkapi palace are present in Istanbul.



4) Mumbai

Mumbai is the capital city of India and the the fourth populated city of the world. It is also known as Bombay. The population of Mumbai is about 12478447. This mega city spread over about 603 km2. Mumbai has highest population density of  20694 people per km2. Mumbai has also some historical places. Mumbai is also the important city for trading ,business, and entertainment.


5) Moscow

Moscow is the capital city of Russia and the fifth most populated city of the world. The population of this city is about 11977988. the area of this city is 2511 km2. This city is also known as the community if billionaires. There are many research centers in Moscow. Moscow is the richest and most power full city of Russia.




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