Muhammad (SAWW) Mercy to the Worlds

Holy Quran says: “And we have not sent you (O Muhammad SAWW), except as a mercy to the worlds.” 21:107

As mentioned in the holy Quran, It is the part of our believe that Muhammad (SAWW) is the mercy to the worlds. This particular ayat is amazing However today we are unable appreciate Muhammad SAWW within our hearts for his mercy on us. Therefore we need to analyze that what is the concept of mercy and how Muhammad SAWW is Mercy for worlds (In today’s world and hereafter).

Muhammad SAWW Mercy for the World

The concept of mercy

Mercy means someone who is kind, compassionate and sympathetic to others. Have you ever thought that how good we feel when someone is kind towards us. Let us take the worldly example.

If a parent sacrifices for his children so he/she is mercy for them. If a son takes special of care of his Mother he is mercy for his mother. If a friend helps other friend In case of need so he is mercy towards his friend. If a national leader ensures lawfulness and provides equality & justice to public so he is mercy to the nation. We all like someone to be merciful to us; we appreciate them, pray for them and like to have their company again and again irrespective of the level of benefit we extract from their kindness.

On the other hand, It is amazing thing that our prophet SAWW is the mercy for all worlds. Those of our elders who have came to this world and now their souls are resting in the graves; for us and for our next generations to come till the day of Judgment. Moreover the sympathy of Muhammad SAWW is from east to west and from North to south. His kindness is on Muslims as well on non-muslims. Remember love & mercy of Muhammad SAWW is for whole world and for world to come; His mercy is not restricted by time or space. “Allah-o-Akbar”.

Now let us put some light that what is the meaning of Mercy to the worlds. If I started to write on the Mercy of Muhammad SAWW so I will not be able to cover them all and my restricted vocabulary would not able me to do justice with what he has done for us. So I found out best way of presenting this reality to you. Bellow are the 99 names of Muhammad SAWW and their meanings.

Let’s revive our Iman (believe) by thinking on mercy of Muhammad SAWW hidden in his 99 names.

99 Names of Prophet SAWW  1

99 Names of Prophet SAWW  2

99 Names of Prophet SAWW  3

99 Names of Prophet SAWW  5

After reading the names of Muhammad SAWW I was taken aback that what I am doing. I am searching other role models while the life of Prophet Muhammad SAWW is there, who is so kind on us.

Today I analyzed myself and found that I am very hippocratic in thanking Muhammad SAWW and Almighty Allah for granting me honor of being added in the Ummah of Muhammad SAWW.

When people are kind to me I tend to thank to them, appreciate them but When Muhammad SAWW has so mercy on me (As shown by his names) I haven’t thank and appreciated him as I should.

This is really the weakness of our believe. May our believes got stronger on Allah and his Messenger SAWW and we start to appreciating and thanking them inside the core of our hearts . Ameen.

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