Munich Disaster – What Really Happened


Manchester United is one of the most popular teams of the world. It has an awesome history which shows how a team reached to peak then fell down then again worked hard and reached their level as the time passed.

This article will remind you the history of Manchester United from the disaster to their current successful position. After World War 1, the team which was working hard to perform best started to show excellent results. The Busby Babes were writing their names in the hearts of the people winning at every place whether it is their own leagues matches or champions league. They were beating every team, the team which was new to champions league started to show the world that what they really are.

But the sad story which ruined everything happened on 6th February 1958. The team was travelling from Belgrade to their home in BEA Elizabethan plane crashed at Munich at the time of take off.

Basically, the story of it is that the plane stopped at Munich to refuel, the take-off was stopped twice because there was a problem with the fuel; the fuel mixture was too rich which caused the engine to over accelerate. On third time pilots were able to take control of the plane as they reached the high speed known as decision speed after the take off cannot be stopped, the air speed suddenly dropped and the plane left the runway, hit a fence and then crashed into a house and then the plane exploded. Tommy Taylor, Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, David Pegg, Geoff Bent, Liam Whelan, and Mark Jones were killed in this accident at that point including Coaches and club secretary. Johnny Berry, Matt Busby, and Duncan Edwards were very badly injured. Duncan Edwards died few weeks later. After all the players recovered they worked hard to make that team again. The rebuilding was quite a heavy job and they tried again and again. Years of struggle and their hard work became fruitful. And the day came when all the people reminded Busby Babes when Manchester United won the European Cup.

After all this Manchester United saw many ups and downs but looking at the last 10 years history of Manchester United it is awesome. Manchester United won series of Leagues.

After having such a heartbreaking story Manchester United is still one of the best teams in the world. Because they have survived and proved the world that they are something.

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