Muslim Baby Names For Boys

One of the first thing we do when a baby is born is deciding a good name for him. There are different names according to different religions and locations in the world that are kept for babies. Here i am sharing some beautiful Muslim Babies Names for Baby Boys from which you can choose for your baby boy.

Muslim Baby Names For Boys

Muhammad Meaning Praised

Ahmed Meaning praised

Ahsan Meaning Better

Hamid Meaning Praiser

Usama Meaning Lion

Faizan Meaning Benefactor

Noman Meaning one who is having blessings

Imran Meaning  civilization

Furqan Meaning Criterion

Salman Meaning Safe

Mohsin Meaning benefactor

Abu Bakr Meaning Father of the young camel

Umar Meaning full of life

Usman Meaning beautiful pen

Ali Meaning High

Hassan Meaning Handsome

Husain Meaning  beautiful

Wasim Meaning Graceful

Shoaib Meaning One Who Shows the Right Path

Yahya Meaning To Love

Ibrahim Meaning Kind Father

Ammar Meaning Virtuous

Sajid Meaning Prostrate in worship

Aqib Meaning Successor

Naveed Meaning good news

Shahzad meaning prince

Zubair Meaning small piece of iron

Saeed Meaning Fortune

Subhan Meaning glory

Saqlain Meaning two worlds

Hamza Meaning Lion

Asim Meaning Protector

Mahboob Meaning Dear

Junaid Meaning Soldier

Raza Meaning Wish

Daniyal Meaning a Prophet

Babar Meaning Tiger

Farrukh Meaning Happy

Haider Meaning Lion

Atiq Meaning Noble

Haseeb Meaning Respected

Ismail Meaning a Prophet

Zaryab Meaning Rich

Roshaan Meaning bright

Farhan Meaning glad

Asad Meaning Lion

Khurram Meaning cheerful

Umair Meaning Intelligent

These were some of the beautiful Muslim Boy Baby Names. you can choose any of these beautiful names if you like 🙂

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