New Year Resolution for Collage Students

Here comes the month of January once again. Often it is the time of switching between semesters, however if your semester starts in any other month of the year still January means a lot to you. As a collage student this time allows you to analyze your previous year’s performance and to plan ahead for the upcoming year. Those students who want to achieve academic success needs to pass a New Year resolution.

Good New Years Resolutions

Best points to be added in your New Year Resolution

1. Time Management

Time is very important for everyone; however it has even greater importance for the college students because they are going through the development phase. If you are very poor with managing your time then you need to develop time table for your daily activities. You also need to lineup your priorities and to cut off any activity that wastes your time or diverts your mind from studies.

2. Define your Subject priority

Some students are excellent with mathematics while others are poor. Some have command over Chemistry and physics while others are good in history & literature. This is due to over inborn aptitude that we quickly understand one subject and cannot apprehend other besides many attempts. However one cannot present this as an excuse. You have to pass all subjects with equally good marks. Therefore you need to define your subject priority by giving additional time to the subject in which you face some problems.

3. Make Self Accountability

For me this point is very crucial to be included in the New Year resolution. However unfortunately most students don’t give due attention to this; because students fee that they can get good grades without getting their self involved in this matter. But remember grades are not everything. Remember Bill gates was not the topper but today toppers of top universities/collages work under him. Therefore if you want to make achievements in your life so you need to make self accountability from time to time.

It is best time to make self accountability at the start of New Year. Examine 1. How much you are dedicated about your studies? 2. Are you wasting the hard earned wealth of your parents on your studies; or you are utilizing this given opportunity? 3. Are you working on personality development or not? 4. Are you fair with yourself or wasting time, money and expectations of your parents by enjoying the time 24/7? Etc

4. Entertaiment time

I am not someone stressing the students to get understand and memorize each and every line & paragraph of the book. To me successful students are those who pick the concept out of the whole story very quickly. Therefore I always suggest my students to have entertainment time so that when they have relaxed mind when they comes to class.

However it is equally important to understand the purpose of entertainment. Remember entertainment is not your purpose of life instead it is a way to relax your mind out of regular work activities and to prepare yourself for the upcoming week. It is great to allocate entertainment time on weekends or at the end of month. Make sure that your entertainment activities are not harmful for your health. For healthy entertainment it is best to go for hiking, swimming, cycling race and play others physical sports with your friends.

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