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Everyone wants to be in touch with the loved ones, sharing little moments of joy with the person you love in a convenient way is essential. Pair is the easiest, smartest new way of communication, creates a timeline between two people where you can share cute videos, messages and photos in a secure and private way and no one can see them. You can also chat, share your beautiful sketches, voice messages if the partner is offline, share your location, and even let your partner know that you are missing him with a single tap of a button.
Pair is the new perfect way of long distance relationships, and great convenience if you have a person you want to pair within the same city. It’s just like your private locker, keeps all your special moments saved at on place.


Private Chat
Text your loved one in a secure and private environment. Just for the two of you.


Live Sketching app
Live Sketching
Sketch things together with your partner on a communal canvas in real-time.


pair thumb kiss
Thumbkiss vibrates your phone when both of you are touching the same spot of the screen.


  • Connect to only one other person for the most private messaging experience


  • View when your partner is online with you .


  • Send pictures, videos, voice message and text free !


  • Show your artistic skills, draw beautiful sketches and share them with your partner.


  • Share your location instantly.


  • Keep you self updated with reminders for important dates.


  • Share your todo list with partner.


  • Other features designed for people in relationships.



Pair is available on Google Play and iTunes, Download pair application for you smart device,and the app is quite simple you have to invite your partner by sending him an invitation email after signing up.

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The pair app allows you to have a single partner at a time , you can change partners whenever you want to. The application is indeed awesome,some times person is in need of communicating privately ,Pair is the best choice.


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