Pilonidal Sinus or Pilonidal Cyst Causes and Treatment

Pilonidal Sinus or Pilonidal cyst is a disease that takes place in  natal cleft area of the human buttocks. Pilonidal Sinus is mostly caused due to Hairs present in the area or the skin debris. Once the area becomes infected pus or blood may come out of the area time to time.

If not treated on time Pilonidal Sinus may spread forming multiple tracts. Lot of people hesitate to go to Doctor at early stages of the disease because of its presence on private body area.

Those people who sit too much or not keeps good hygiene may suffer from this disease. however this disease is not very common and only 40 people out of 100000 people suffers from it. Westerns suffers from it more than Asians. It is also rare in females as compare to men. Mostly people from age of 16 to 40 suffers from it. In old people this disease is not noticed.

As said above excessive sitting is the most common reason of this disease. Obesity, injury near natal cleft, deep natal cleft are also causes of this disease.

Pilonidal Cyst

At early stages of the disease there can be no symptoms but with time pus or blood may start to come. you may also feel pain in the spine area. Fever may also take place but it is very rare.

Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus is mostly Operation because Antibiotics can’t end it. however if Pilonidal Sinus is small other treatments may also be advised like applying different creams or natural things on it.

There are various types of operation for the Pilonidal Sinus among which the best is Bascom operation. In Bascom operation recurrence rate is less and patient also heals quickly. incision is also less in this type of operation. before operation to end infection patient may be given some Antibiotics and told to take Sitz Baths. Once infection ends the operation is done.

After operation the area may be left open to heal from inside out or can be stitched. stitched area heals quickly but chances of infection are high. open wound takes more time to heal but chances of infection are less. After operation complete healing may take up to 10 weeks. first 15 days after operation will be very painful for patient.

After recovery patient must keep the area clean and don’t sit for long periods.

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