Prevention of Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in most of the countries including United States. Cardiovascular heart disease proved to be the main cause of majority of women deaths in all European countries.

This disease happens due to some major factors that includes smoking,drinking ,unsafe sex etc. Below are few important tips that women should follow to keep herself away from deadly heart disease.

1.Say No to Smoking:

Smoking is injurious for health”. You may have listen or read this sentence somewhere. Smoking can increase your chances of getting the¬†Cardiovascular disease by two to four times.When you smoke,chemicals in tobacco harm your blood cells. They also damages the structure and function of your blood vessels. If you smoke leave it as soon as you can. Remember to keep the following line in your mind throughout your life:

[quote_center]”Smoking is injurious for health”[/quote_center]

¬†2. Don’t ignore Cholesterol:

High level cholesterol doesn’t have symptoms. You can’t figure out your cholesterol level until you have a proper check-up. It is recommended by doctors that a person should have a medical checkup at least once in three months including the cholesterol blood test.

3. Brush your teeth:

Brushing your teeth daily can save you from heart attack. Yes,by just spending 2 minutes from 24 hours you can save your life. Bacteria that grow in your mouth causes gum disease that can increase chances of heart attack. So brush your teeth regularly.

4. Leave Sugar-Sweetened Beverages:

According to the research,it has shown that women who drink more than two sweet beverages per day have a higher risk of getting into heart disease. It is difficult to leave these beverages as I also love them,try to drink the sweet beverages twice a week.

5. Do Exercise daily:

Like all your body parts,your heart also need some workout. The heart becomes stronger by doing exercise thus circulation of blood in your body improves. Your heart will pump more blood as a result of your exercise. A person who exercises daily has a lowest risk of getting heart disease.

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