Remember Health Is Real Wealth

I am a professional blogger who remains online for most of the time almost daily but i was not able to use Internet for last three days even for a minute and reason for that is that i was really ill during these three days. i spent most of my time on bed with throat pain and high fever.

These three days where tough for me. nothing looked good to me in these three days which i used to enjoy when i was healthy like eating good foods, talking to friends or watching TV.  in-short these three days made me realized that how Important good health is? it made me realized if i am not healthy nothing is good.

But the fact is that we only understand importance of good health when we get sick and we forget it when we are healthy. When we are healthy we consider money to be real wealth. we waste all of our energy without caring about our health to make money.  but when we get ill it makes us realize immediately that money is nothing in-front of Health.

When you will be unhealthy nothing will look good to you no matter its wealth or a delicious food or any other thing.

So the main point is that you should start caring for your health by considering it the most valuable asset and keep money on second position. Do walk  and exercise regularly by taking out some time. keep good hygiene. try to avoid the foods that are not good for health. Try every other method that can keep you healthy. if you use computer too much daily like me then take break after every hour. sit properly while using computer.

Because Health is Indeed the real wealth 🙂

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