Role of CIA in Spreading International terrorism

CIA is one of the very few renowned intelligence agencies of the world. Unlike many other national level intelligence agencies the purpose of establishing CIA was something bigger than protecting the national sovereignty of United States of America. The secret is hidden in the doctrine of “National Interests”. From the national security & sovereignty’s prospective the meaning of national interest is to protect the country’s land, people and resources from the enemy’s assault; by launching both secret and non-secret operations. In short IAs is aimed at thrashing and curtailing their enemies.

CIA spreading terrorism

However if we analyze the sixty years performance of CIA so it can be concluded that CIA itself has increased its enemies and boosted major threats for the White house and for the rest of the world. This is occurred because the definition of “National Interest” was not very bigger then of what it should be. The role of CIA was ambiguous from its beginning till the date. Central intelligence agency carried out many secret missions around the world in its 60-65 years life span. Though the purpose of those secrets missions were very much objectionable but the methods used to carry out their missions were even more offensive & horrific.

On one hand CIA interfered in the governance, national policies, and economies of the countries from the asia to africa and from africa to arabs. But on the other side picture is even more horrific where CIA was directly involved in raising the national disputes in many countries only at the cost of the people and resources of those countries.

CIA considered that all those covert operations were necessary to protect the national sovereignty of the country; however in reality it was an unsuccessful attempt to rule the world. Though the CIA was unable to achieve its target, but it definitely has launched the international terrorism. Million and billion of people who have suffered from the brutal operations of CIA was underdogs for many years; but now they are rising to take the revenge of injustice which no one of us has noticed.

I hope that you have understand the crux of the story, but here some of you might not be fully convinced and some others might as for the proof. For you guys here is the famous documentary on “Secrets of CIA”. After watching this documentary you will be shocked about the difference between the real and dummy face of CIA. I bet you, your next two hours of watching this video will open up many shocking secrets of this cruel world on you…

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