Save Payoneer From Getting Banned In Pakistan

Payoneer Misuse in Pakistan

Pakistanis have got great potential which they are proving In every field of life. Pakistanis are also proving It In the world of Internet by creating great  Apps, themes, Softwares, Blogs and many more great tools. Pakistani Youth is also fighting Unemployment by creating different methods of Online Earning. But the sad thing is that there are also many Black Sheeps who always do wrong use of different Online services which also creates problems for those who are doing the genuine work.

Payoneer 22

In the past we have seen that Google Adsense and PayPal services got tough to get In Pakistan and now due to massive misuse of Payoneer It seems like that Payoneer may also end Its operations In Pakistan. For those who don’t know Payoneer is a famous Online Payment solution and thousands of Freelancers and Bloggers uses It to receive International Payments. In Absence of PayPal the Importance of Payoneer has Increased even more in Pakistan.

But  now a days Many People are doing Misuse of Payoneer services in Pakistan like:

  • Ordering Multiple Cards.
  • Ordering Card without any need.
  • Creating Fake PayPal accounts Using Payoneer.
  • Using Fake Info to apply for Payoneer.

Due to these misuses many people have also got their accounts terminated by Payoneer. We Pakistanis will have to stop misuse of this great payment solution If we want It to stay in Pakistan otherwise It will also get tough on us Like Google Adsense and Paypal.