Solid Android App Development Tips for Beginners

Android operating system is one of the most used OS. Now adays,everyone is switching to Android because of their OS and the freedom Android provides. According to a survey almost 7,000,00 Android devices are activated each day and Android was the most sold OS of the year 2012. Following are some Android phone statistics:

android phone statistics-The Globe Press

With more than 5,00,000 apps and games in Play Store, Android has the second largest smartphone app store.Apple’s App store is on number one position.There are thousands of developers developing Android games and apps and earning their livelihood from it. Moreover choosing Android platform for your apps will be a good decision because opening charges for a developer account on Play store are much less than that of Apple’s developer account for App Store.

If you want to become a successful Android developer and want to see your name in the top android developers list there are few tips you should follow:

Learn SQL:

To develop good quality of Android apps one must have the knowledge of SQL. Without learning SQL you cannot develop an attractive and good quality apps. Knowledge of SQL will help your user to keep his data save in case if his/her Android stops working unexpectedly. The Android operating system uses the storage system called”SQLite”. Therefore knowledge of SQL for developer will lead him to develop and stable app or game.

Creating Attractive Layouts:

The fact is that before downloading any type of app or game from Play Store,users including me first read the reviews about the opened app or game. If the app has majority of bad reviews, I don’t download it on my Android device because I think it is a waste of time to download such type of apps having majority of negative reviews.

If you use dull on unattractive colors in your Android app there are possibilities that your app will not get a good score from users and hence a time will come when no one will download your app. To avoid such situation you must create attractive layouts for your app. Creating attractive layouts are easy,anyone can do this by learning XML language. Therefore learning XML language will help you to create attractive layouts. You can learn XML language from here.

Be a Java Guru:

Java is a very popular programming language developed by Oracle(previously known as Sun Microsystems).Question arises here,why you should be a”Java Guru”? The reason to be a Java guru is that,Java adds great features to your app.Learning Java is also not very difficult. A bit of concentration can help you to become a java guru.

Follow the rules:

Google has defined some rules for Android developers. Your developed app should be up to the standard mark otherwise you will face failure and your dream of becoming a good Android developer will break down like a home of cards.

Practice makes you Perfect:

When I was in the process of learning C++ language,I used to ask everyone how I can become a good programmer? The answered I got almost from everyone was”Practice,Practive and Practice”.So I started practicing the C++ syntax on daily basis.Within few days,I found myself a better programmer. So it is easy to practice your knowledge on daily basis and try to solve your language’s syntax errors yourself and you will become a successful Android developer.

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  1. Their is large demand of good android app developers now a days. Tips which you gave for becoming a good android developer is really helpful to beginners. The point which you described about learn XML for creative layout is worth to point out. I am completely agree with your suggestions.


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