Some Harsh Truths About Making Money Blogging-Part 1

If you are going to join Blogging field just because you have heard from some pro blogger that you can make money Blogging easily, than Stop. Here I am going to explain some Harsh Truths about Making Money Blogging.

It takes too long to learn Blogging:

No Matter if you are a professional person or some graduate, it will take too long to learn Blogging. Because Blogging not only means that you have to write but it also have many other important techniques you have to follow. You have to do work according to the aspects of SEO, you have to do link building, Setup of blog and maintaining of blog is also very hard. You should also know some tips and tricks to run a blog.

Google Updates:

google's updates

There are No Specific SEO Rules defined by Google, Google only says that “content is king”, but we all know that it is not. You have to follow all other techniques like link building and SEO of your blog according to some rules of Google algorithms.

Also Google is rolling out new algorithms for its search engine day-by-day; if this algorithm hits your blog, then your log’s search engine ranking will fall instantly and you will also have to change your blog’s setting and content strategy according to that algorithm. And till you change your strategy according to that algorithm, Google will update another algorithm which will make you feel pain.

It requires Hard Work: 

have to do hard work

You will have to do much hard work to build your blog and learn blogging techniques. You will have to build your Blog’s readers which are the most difficult task and requires a lot of Hard Work. After that as I have mentioned above that you have to work according to Google’s algorithm updates.

Blog Design:

good design

You should also have SEO compatible Blog’s template, only maintaining blog’s design for search engines it not necessary but you also have to create an Interface which satisfies your readers.

Readers are having no Place to Go:

I know that you have done something for advertisers; like having 4’5 ad units, 2-3 subscribe by email boxes and lot of other things. This thing annoys a reader and he will find no place to go in the blog, those excessive ad units and email subscription boxes everywhere, it annoys the reader.

You should create an interface from which reader will be happy and he can easily navigate through your Blog. And you should know one thing that if your readers are happy then you are making lot of money through blogging.

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